Monday, August 1, 2011

MOPS Steering | All Wrapped Up

My friend (and cousin by marriage) asked me to help package up some fun treats she got for the women on the MOPS Steering Committee. We had a planning retreat this last weekend and she wanted the women to feel special. So she dropped off the goodies at my place. Oh the treats! The kids saw me wrapping them up and wanted to know who they were for. I told them MOPS Leaders. Their next question was, "Mom are you a leader? Maybe you will get one." Mercy added, "Then maybe you could share some with us."

Maybe. Or not!

My friend got these tote bags too. So we used them to wrap everything up in. I made little tags with the girls' names on them, so they felt a little more personal.


  1. So cute. We always do a craft at our retreat. I'm leaving for convention this week! I can't wait for the year to start.

  2. i always love your packaging and design. good job!