Friday, August 12, 2011

Party Planning Mode | My Little Artist

I'm officially sliding into party planning mode. With just a little over two weeks until my little red-headed darling turns five I need to get going. I have the invitation done and I need to get them printed and in the mail. I am getting so excited. Mercy loves to paint and draw and does so for hours on end. (Yes, I know, I am one very lucky mom. But I deserve some of the gene pool credit on that one.)

Here's what the invitations look like, with all the personal info left off, of course. They will just be printed on a 4"x6" matte print at Bartell Drugs so that I can have them ready to send out this weekend. (I love Bartells' One Hour Photo.)

So be prepared for some fun party posts...


  1. Love the idea of an Art Party! Sounds like so much fun! :)

  2. So cute! Color is awesome and it sounds like Mercy's party is going to be so fun!