Saturday, September 24, 2011

Family Life | Spinning Out of Control

I don't like amusement park rides. I find absolutely no pleasure in the feeling of spinning out of control. So lately dealing with life has been less about pleasure and more about discipline. Moments are filled with intention. Organization is critical. These seasons are good in life, as long as it is honestly just for a season. I truly believe that. I know myself well enough to know that I cannot live like this indefinitely. But this is my season of life spinning out of control and God is working deeply in my heart and life. God walked me into this season and I am looking forward to the time when He walks me out out of it.

This week has been full and overflowing:

There was a fun friend's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

There has been waiting at the bus stop except for the day I helped out in the kids' classroom. Then there was the day that Daniel fell apart at the bus stop, insisting it wasn't FAIR that Mercy didn't have to go everyday and he did (Mercy is in kindergarten).

We've been caring for a stray cat. She seems to have adopted us, but we are trying to jump through the right hoops to make sure she doesn't have an owner who is heart-sick that she's not home with them. Though she seems pretty happy here.

I've been working on prepping a newsletter for Sister Connection, an incredible non-profit organization that helps support Burundian widows.

I have been working on wrapping up some design projects for Warm Beach Camp, a local Christian camp and conference center.

I had the MOPS Discussion Group Leaders and Mentors over to the house to visit and work on some crafts.

There was finding out Daniel was going to need to have eye surgery.

There was another week of Tru, our church's mid-week program that Eric and I help out with. Plus, I finally finished up doing some t-shirts for the lead volunteers in our church's mid-week program. They'll get to wear those next week.

I put the girls' tubs of toys up high, so that they have to ask permission to open up a tub. It's one tub at a time, otherwise the mess is unmanageable. Even one tub is crazy messy when I'm already feeling overwhelmed.

Next week is looking just as full. God is walking me through this season. And it doesn't hurt that my mom is right there to help when and where she can. This past week she took Gracie for a whole day when Daniel and Mercy were at school. It allowed me to take a hot bath, go shopping, clean house, and prep some freezer meals.

Thank you, Mommy!


  1. How sweet of your mom to take Gracie for a day so, you could get some time to yourself. You're right, this crazy time of being busy is only a season. Love you Cami!

  2. Yep, I've had busy seasons like that. You learn from them, and you survive them. If you have questions about the surgery stuff, I can fill you in. Been there, done that. I love your bins in the girls' room, especially the one marked "Eva and Lily." what's that about?