Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Grade Confidence and Football

Sending your children off to school has a way of surfacing all the childhood memories of insecurity. For some it's having to read aloud. For some it's the fear of having to sit alone at lunch. For some it's who you will play with at recess. For me it was needing to have one, just one good friend.

Daniel is in first grade now. I went to a small private school with a graduating class of 18. I only had to go through the process of finding a friend in my class once. There are five first grade classes and my sweet son is having to make new friends all over again and it's not easy, especially when he attends a different school than all of his church and MOPS friends. They also changed the bus routes so the buddy he'd made on the bus no longer on his route.

Yesterday he came home begging Daddy to get out his football and play with him. Apparently some boys had been playing at recess and Daniel wanted to practice. Some boys told him he wasn't "in the game yet". I don't know the context or the intent, but Daddy's heart is very tender to the need to be included and so he took Daniel to Wal-mart last night to pick out a nerf football so that they could play football. I don't know who was having more fun, Daniel or Daddy. It was a great way to pile one good memory on top of all those of being the last one picked to be on the team.


  1. Reading your story about the football just made my heart totally melt. What an awesome Dad he is to take Daniel, buy him a football and then practice with him. Growing a child's confidence is so huge!!!

  2. what a good daddy eric is. it's wonderful to see our husbands be such good teachers and protectors for their children. :)

  3. I'm glad they got to practice! Just reading that brings up a lot of emotions. I think we all remember dealing with friendships through out life. I worry about the same thing for my son. I don't want him to be left out or not included! I hope your sons makes some good friends quickly! No matter what, he will know his Dad will be there for him!:)

  4. This is the most touching post! What intuitive parents you are to hear (really hear) Daniel about his experience at school and help him find a plan to navigate through this transition!