Monday, September 19, 2011

MOPS | A Little Welcome Gift

Last Tuesday was our first MOPS for the year.

I am blessed to get to be the Discussion Group Team Leader. One of the things I have been telling my girls (the Discussion Group Leaders) is that it's the little, unexpected things they do that can help to make their ladies feel special. For the first MOPS I thought it would be a good idea to make a little gift for the moms. It takes a lot of work to get out the door with little ones, even when it's preparing to have a couple of hours of mommy only time.

We have over forty ladies in our MOPS group and so I knew I couldn't do anything too complicated, especially since I didn't get to it until the Saturday before MOPS. I made a little set of magnets out of clothes pins, scrap paper, glue, and magnet strips. Then I printed off little "Welcome to MOPS" papers on card stock. It gave something to clip the magnets to and made for a really nice presentation.

I found the idea here. They had a variety of ideas. I went really simply since I had so many to make. (I ended up making 54 sets, which is 270 individual magnets.)

I am having the Discussion Group Leaders over later this week for an open house. I'm going to have craft stations set up so that they can choose a gift they would like to make for their ladies. Not everyone is particularly crafty and this gives them a little help in putting something together that they can pull out on whatever occasion they choose and make their ladies feel special. So check back after later in the week and I should have pictures of my ladies crafting their hearts out. The kids are coming so it will be interesting to see how much crafting gets done. At least there will be much laughter and talking!

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