Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Family Life | Monopoly

We played our first game of Monopoly as a family. Lately I have been motivated to be more intentional about planning family time because of the curriculum we are doing for mid-week at our church (TruStory published by David C. Cook). Our kids are six, five, and three and it worked. Seriously. We played boys against girls. Actually we aren't done yet. We've played two nights. The boys owe the girls $600 for landing on Conneticut Avenue with a hotel. It's pretty much over, they were debating what to mortgage.

There are a lot of educational benefits of Monopoly:

  • Counting Practice
  • Waiting Your Turn
  • Following Rules
  • Monetary Usage
  • Patience

My favorite part was spending time with the kids, all of them together, all at once, doing the same thing, at home.

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  1. inspiring! i stayed home on wednesday, and though we didn't do anything together specifically, it was good to be home and just be together.