Sunday, October 30, 2011

Recipes | Apple & Banana Coffee Cake

Eric hates to see anything go to waste. A friend gave me some apples last weekend great for applesauce (which I might actually end up using for apple pie filling or crisp instead) which I haven't used yet. It was starting to make Eric nervous. He also noticed I had over-ripe (just perfect for baking) bananas in the pantry. As a gesture of good faith I decided to make a little something, just to reassure him that I would not let them go bad.

He challenged me to find a way to use both in a coffee cake.

No problem. That's what google is for, right?

Nothing at, but go-to site. But I found a recipe here that I decided to tweak just a bit. I used three apples and left out the nuts because Eric and the kids aren't huge fans of nuts.

The girls helped me. They LOVE to help! After carrying supplies to the counter and watching me dump and mix, Mercy wanted to take pictures. And she did a pretty good job.

The verdict: It looked delicious. It tasted good too, but was awfully sweet. Next time I will double the batter portion (but not the banana or apple). I'll cut back on the chocolate chips a bit and throw in the walnuts (at least on half of it) despite the hubby and kids.


  1. That looks so good! How is Daniel healing?

  2. It looks delicious and I enjoy myself some I may give it a try :) Your Eric and I have something in common...I hate to see things go to waste! I am having a hard time right now because I can't keep every little scrap of veggie from the garden...

    p.s. what are you doing baking when you should be resting and taking care of your cold??????