Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week in my Life | Wednesday Update

Life has been busy. The blog has fallen low on the priority list. I don't feel bad about that. There are a lot of other things happening that are far more important than documenting, at least right now. It's a good choice for our family. My posts have become much more infrequent, which will honestly reflect this season in our life. Fullness.

Daniel has become quite the photographer. I attribute Uncle Andy for the interest. Sometimes I allow Daniel to use the camera at the bus stop and I've been surprised by some of the photos he's been able to get. In the last few months I think nearly all photos of me have been taken by him.

We have been hugely blessed by a wonderful bus driver. I mean that. She is truly special. The bus routes were changed this year and I was nervous about a new driver because I loved our old one. (We L.O.V.E.  and miss you Ms. Kim.) But apparently there are two bus BEST bus drivers. And we have been blessed to get BOTH of them. Lucky us!

Our high bush cranberries are out and just beautiful. I love their color. We have them stretched across the expanse of our front lawn to form a hedge of privacy, since the road we live on can feel busy. Love how quickly they grew and love the spots of color in Fall and Winter.

The pumpkins in our garden are ripening nicely. I'm thinking about all the pumpkin treats I'll be making soon. Homemade pumpkin anything this time of year sounds good to me.

We are days away from truly claiming the cat, lovingly named Cutie Pie by the girls, as our own. We've posted her FOUND for nearly thirty days without anyone claiming her. We I have gotten awfully attached. She didn't come home a couple of nights ago and I was worried (remember the sometimes busy street I mentioned). When she finally showed up I was so relieved. Eric laughed and said she was angling for enough sympathy to get let into the house. (She's allowed to sleep in the pantry, but not in the house.)

We had a family birthday celebration on Eric's side. I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and smashed Oreo bits on top. They were delicious and turned out pretty cool.

Happy Birthday to Dad, Lauren, and Stephen!

I got to help out in Daniel and Mercy's classrooms yesterday. I really love doing that. My mom watches Gracie and it frees me up to spend all day at the school. I took my camera this time, but only walked away with one picture, Mercy getting ready to go home. I was too busy making copies and prepping art projects (which I loved doing).

I told Eric I can't walk down a school hallway without thinking about how much I would love to be a teacher. Another life... still wouldn't trade it for the one I've got. Three beautiful kids, the best man in the world, and a God that sent His son to die in my place. Each day is an immense blessing!


  1. You would make a WONDERFUL teacher. How about when I go back into the classroom - you come with me! You guys have been on my mind all day. Isaac said a prayer for Daniel on the way to the pumpkin patch - see you in a while :)

  2. I agree with Julie. You would be an excellent teacher. Glad you were able to spend the day helping in their classrooms. That sounds really fun!