Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Family Life | Following Instincts

I have heard a lot of talking in my thirty-something years about that "still quiet voice". There are times when I know that I know that I know that I hear it. There are other times I think I might be hearing it, but am never quite sure and so I pause before responding. Then there are those times that I think I might be hearing it, I respond, and them am rewarded with the knowing that I DID actually hear His "still quiet voice" prompting me to do something specific.

I emailed a friend on a whim yesterday to find out if she wanted me to pick up her son for a play date with Gracie. (Doesn't Gracie just look like she needs someone to play with her?) She said yes and Gracie was happy.

Then another friend's face came to mind and I thought maybe I was supposed to call her and find out if she wanted me to take her little guy too. Really two little friends over isn't any more work than one. When I heard back from her it was a YES, she really needed a little childcare.

I love finding out that God actually used me. It's such a great encouragement to actually respond when you think you hear God's voice. We need that kind of encouragement sometimes. But when it works out so well and your daughter is thrilled to have a couple of friends over it's a double blessing!

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  1. Good for yoU! Sometimes it's easy to pass over the little small voice. But the little small voice doesn't call us to only little things. I'm glad you made someone's day and really helped out!