Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family Life | Vacation is Coming

These days are full. Some of it is really good stuff. But it's full, too full. My head is throbbing from lack of sleep, too many days so far this month. I'm tired, really tired. Vacation is coming and I am so thankful. I am looking forward to a little extra sleep, staying in our pajamas all day if we choose, and playing board games with my kids. This year I know I've volunteered for too much extra stuff (I define extra stuff as volunteer opportunities outside of being wife and mom).

Yesterday I treated myself to an expensive coffee. (Yes, that's a venti!) I have a hard time paying $5 for coffee, but yesterday I wanted the treat. It was the last day of one volunteer obligation before MY Christmas vacation and I needed a little push through it. Today is the last day before my vacation of my other big volunteer obligation before vacation. I'm thinking it's going to take more than a cup of coffee to get through that tonight, so I'm relying on lots of prayer. Again, good stuff, just too much to do in my own strength. (Thank goodness for God and caffeine!)

Kids really aren't the only ones who need a little time off to enjoy Christmas!

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