Sunday, January 29, 2012

Me | Right Now

Right now I'm tired and a little overwhelmed. But sorting through the mound of paperwork cluttering my desk, dusting, and putting away the stray rubber bands, coupons, lost sticky-notes, gift cards, and receipts will make things seem more manageable.

Right now Daniel and I are both getting over colds and our coughs are rough and gravely and sometimes shake our entire bodies.

Right now I am keeping a list of things that I am thankful for. When discouraged or tired I am trying to remember to pull it out and add to the list. It helps to change the direction of my thoughts. It's my own version of the Joy Dare that I read about earlier this month.

Right now I am enjoying Fridays with Gracie. It's our special day when both Daniel and Mercy are at school and I don't have obligations, so we spend the day together, doing chores and playing.

Right now we are trying hard to potty train Gracie. It's hard, really hard. Tic-Tacs (thanks Grandma Cook) seem to motivate her more than anything else we've tried. I keep them in my purse.

Right now I am loving scarves and find myself looking at colorful ones every moment I have alone in a store that carries clothing (which really isn't that often).

Right now I am trying to drink less Diet Dr. Pepper and I am having a difficult time controlling my emotions, my head hurts and I am cranky far more often than is good for any wife or mommy to be. I'm trusting it gets better with time or even my husband will be asking me to resume the habit (he's the one who's asked me to cut back for my health).

Right now (not surprisingly) my sugar-free vanilla lattes are tasting better than ever.

Right now I'm filling in my February calendar and getting terribly excited about a weekend away with just my mom, three days and two nights when I will feel more like a daughter than a mommy. So excited and so ready for it to be right now.

Right now I'm enjoying being able to watch my kids play Just Dance for Kids together on the Wii. Gracie runs up to her big sister after each song and says, "Mercy! Really great job!"

Right now I am spending a lot of time praying about volunteers stepping up to help out with our midweek program at church.

Right now I'm spending time praying about wisdom in knowing what things I can reasonably commit to while still keeping my role as primary spiritual nurturer of my children as my first priority. I'm learning that load level is always in flux as it it perpetually changing. Thinking now about next Fall might seem premature, but it isn't, not really.

Right now I am trying to serve my family more whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. I'm learning that my taste palette has narrowed theirs significantly. So I'm trying more foods and learning that I like more of the new foods than I assumed I would.

Right now the snow has all melted and things don't look nearly as pretty, but it's easier to get more accomplished in our days.

Right now I am being drawn into Pinterest. I am also realizing I need to carefully limit my time as it seems it can pull me in too deeply and I can loose far too much valuable time in my day doing something not the least bit productive.

Right now I am working on a design job for a client and I am thankful for the extra work, even when it's challenging to squeeze into everyday life.

Right now I am enjoying Project Life, which is helping me to keep up with documenting the everyday life of our little family.

Right now I'm not blogging as much as I had been and I'm okay with that.

Right now life is simple and full.

Right now I'm spending more time in God's Word, but far less than I should be.

"We know that we have come to know him if we obey his commands. The man who says, "I know him," but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But if anyone obeys his word, God's love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did."
I John 2:3-6



  1. Have you heard of 3 Day Potty Training? Send me an email if you're interested. :) sillyrednewby (at) gmail

    1. I'm SO emailing you. Yes, please, all the info you've got!

  2. Love you Cami. I agree, Pinterest is addictive but, not productive and certainly not a good way to loose time. I've been cutting back on how much I'm on facebook and Pinterest and it feels good. I feel like I have more time in my day and I'm more focused if my computer isn't turned on.

    1. I can't remember a day I haven't turned on my computer. THAT sounds like a good challenge. Don't know if I'm strong enough to do it, which probably means I should!!

  3. Right now (and always) I am so thankful to call you friend. Our struggles are so similar. Thank you for being so transparent here in blog space. I cleaned out my closet today....just thought you ought to know. I use the word "clean" in a less messy, a little more organized, can finally see the floor kind of way :)

    1. My closet is starting to look a little like you've described yours to me. That's definitely on my list, but it's going to take a back seat to the messes in the front rooms right now :)