Sunday, February 12, 2012

Me | Rejuvenation Creatively Speaking

I got away. I really got away. I packed a suitcase, got in the truck and drove away with my mom. Then I stayed away, for two nights.

Then I came home. Rested. Rejuvenated. Ready to be a wife and mommy again. Which was a good thing, because I came home to a sick husband. Sigh.

While away I worked on some simple projects I had wanted to do, a couple I needed done for Valentine's Day.

Project #1: Conversation Hearts Cover
I attend a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group and we meet this Tuesday. I wanted to have a little something for each of the ladies in my group, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money. Since we've had a lot of sickness in our house I didn't want to bake anything either. So I bought little boxes of conversation hearts. A couple of years ago I turned them into iPods. See this post. But this year I wanted to do something different.

This was so easy. All I did was find a cute card. This card came in a package of eight at Michaels for only $1.50. Then I spent $0.50 on ribbon. I took my hot glue gun and glued on the box of hearts. Then I cut two pieces of ribbon, which I glued on, as well. I wrote a quick note on the inside. Then I tied it up and was done.

Project #2: Heart Shaped Bookmark
These I have had finished for a while, but finally got them photographed. I plan on giving these to another group of ladies at MOPS.

These were super easy too. I was able to use materials I my husband had on hand. I used 19 gauge steel wire and my hubby's wire cutters. All you do is cut a length of wire and then use the needle-nose wire cutters to shape into a heart. They function just like a paperclip and I wanted my friends to get that without my having to explain it. So, I picked a couple pieces of paper and glued them together to make a pocket. Then I slipped one side of the heart over the top sheet to model how it works.

Don't you think that packaging can make or break a small gift?

Project #3: Short Burlap Table Runner
I saw a beautiful burlap table runner on pinterest last week. I had a piece of burlap that I'd received in a box of fabric from my grandma. It needed to be put to good use. Since I've had the same table runner on my dining room table since my husband and I have been married (almost nine years, don't judge me), I decided I should try my hand at a new one...

I don't sew very often, so I was pretty proud of myself for finishing this up. Almost every sewing project I've started is still sitting in my closet of good intentions. But its completion is good testimony that it is a fast, easy project that anyone can do.

I'm not going to walk you through how to make it, but give credit to the blogger whose idea I borrowed (though hers covers the whole length of the table and hangs over the edge). Mine is short, intentionally. I have small curious children who like to run by quickly and something hanging off the end of our table these days just might get pulled down. See the her tutorial here.

Project #4: Homemade Light Box
When I got back home I decided to try my hand at making a light box. We have horrid lighting in our house and I've gotten frustrated trying to take photos of the little gifts I've made for people. I found a tutorial via pinterest. (There are lots out there.) So I gave it a try.

I realized when I was away from my Mac all weekend how good it felt to do stuff with my hands again. I have an obsession with digital scrapbooking. That love isn't going away. I'd been spending all my free moments working on Project Life. If felt good to be forced to exercise some of my other creative muscles this weekend.

And this scripture has been on my mind since the early hours of the morning Friday, before I left for my weekend away with my mom...

"Children's children are a crown to the aged,
     and parents are the pride of their children."
Proverbs 17:6



  1. WOW~~ love all your projects...the holders for the candy hearts are adoarble and the heart bookmarks oh so cute!! awesome job!

  2. So glad you were able to get away for awhile. It sounds like a wonderful time!

  3. So cool! You are tempting me to join pinterest, which i am resisting because i know I would get hooked. I think I'll just follow your blog instead! I LOVE the heart bookmarks. I'm going to show those to eva.