Friday, March 2, 2012

Freebie Friday | Circles & Zig-Zags Kit {Part 2}

It's Freebie Friday again. So I have a little something more for you. Here is the second part of the Circles & Zig-Zags Kit. Part 1 was available last week. This week's download is much heartier with lots of fun things. I am just in love with these colors. Here is what you will get:

If you want to download Part 1, click here.

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"Good will come to him who is generous and lends freely." Psalms 112:5a



  1. I love those colors! Very cute!

  2. #1- I LOVE free things
    #2- I LOVE scrapbooking!

    But how do I start the world of digital scrapbooking? Do you use a program? Do you print them out? Which company/way? I'm sure it's more than just a sentence explanation but I'd love to know more! :)

    1. I love free too!

      I get everything printed at Costco. I can set three pages on one sheet (12x36) and pay $5 for three pages. Incredibly inexpensive for scrapbooking!

      I use Illustrator CS3. You do NOT need anything near that level to scrapbook. I think the most popular program of choice is Photoshop Elements. If you are in a position to get that, I would recommend it because there are tons of tutorials available online to make getting started super, super easy.

      Would love to hear about it if you take the plunge!