Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Me | Right Now

  • Right now we are all tired and in need of rest.
  • Right now we are cleaning up after a robot themed birthday party for my husband who turned 38 yesterday. He now owns Lego's Mindstorm 2.0.
  • Right now I am behind in almost every aspect of life. I don't like that feeling.
  • Right now Gracie is fussing because today isn't her birthday.
  • Right now the house is a mess.
  • Right now the kids school papers are stacked and overflowing, needing me to sort, scan, and purge.
  • Right now I need to wrap a couple of birthday presents for a party we get to attend this morning. We are excited to walk away from the mess for a few hours and play until we're sweaty at Jungle Playland.
  • Right now Daniel asks to play wii before school in the morning, which is okay as long as he's already done his daily reading. It's making a wonderful motivator for Wednesdays when his schoolwork needs to be done before he ever goes to school because we don't have time in the evening because of dinner at church and TRU Midweek activities.
  • Right now I'm trying to get used to rice milk so I have been using 1 cup of rice milk with 1/2 cup of regular skim milk in my latte. I'm liking it a lot better than the almond milks I've tried.
  • Right now we've been eating lots of sugar, too much.
  • Right now we are rejoicing because Gracie asked Jesus into her heart. Though we know she is highly motivated by a desire to have a spiritual birthday, we know that our God uses all kinds of things to bring people to Himself, so we rejoice. My heart is glad.
  • Right now we still have snow on the ground from two separate snows.
  • Right now I am behind a week on Project Life and it is seriously affecting my mood.
  • Right now my desk is cluttered with papers: tax papers to take to the accountant, papers needing to be scanned, Tru Midweek Lessons to read, MOPS receipts to enter and submit for reimbursement, note cards that need to be written, kid artwork that needs to be photographed and then recycled, coupons, and a thick layer of dust.
  • Right now the neighbor boy comes down to our house two or three days a week for a while before school because his mom has to go to work early. The kids love having someone to play with in the morning and love waiting at the bus stop with him.
  • Right now Mercy is learning what fun it is to go to birthday parties with some of her classmates.
  • Right now Mercy is starting to read books and it is so exciting.
  • Right now Daniel is in Mr. C's reading class, which is amazing considering how much trouble he's had with his eye. We are so thankful it hasn't impeded his love of reading.
  • Right now we've been missing out on small group friends as we haven't been able to faithfully meet with them because of being overextended.
  • Right now we are finally recovering. Eric's energy is still low from the pneumonia. Daniel's walking pneumonia seems to be cleared up. Gracie's antibiotic for her cough seems to be helping too.
  • Right now I'm weary of my thoughts.
  • Right now I'm learning you can talk about something too much.
  • Right now I am struggling with I Timothy 2:11-15 and what it is supposed to mean.
  • Right now I am trying to learn what it means to truly love deeply your brothers and sisters in Christ, to hurt when they hurt.
  • Right now I am learning that life is messy and complicated and people's hearts are more important than being right and that the way a woman loves her man shows itself in almost everything she does. And that's beautiful, even when it isn't.
  • Right now I am longing for insight.
"Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all this." 2 Timothy 2:7



  1. Love you a TON Cami. You are amazing and everything will get caught up, when it's supposed to and the time is right. I'm so blessed to know you in real life and to also be able to read your thoughts.

    1. Thank you Angela. Your encouragement is so welcome and needed. I went to bed and then got up early to a very quiet house and with a quiet spirit, as well. Work and chores will, Lord-willing, flow a bit easier today.

      Love you back!

  2. This was so open, honest, and REAL!! Thank you for being that. I struggle with being real with all that I am struggling with. You've captured much of the busyness and behind-ness I've been dealing with this week. Let's lift one another up in prayer for renewed energy and motivation to keep going.

    I love reading about your family and all of your activities! And the names Gracie and Mercy for your girls...Love that!!

    1. When I read your post this morning my heart was so filled with encouragement. Scripture builds up like nothing else. Your words were inspired and so good for me to dwell on today. Thank you! I will be lifting you up in prayer today too. Thank you for your prayers. I feel blessed and nourished already by them!