Monday, April 30, 2012

Week In The Life | Monday Photos + Words

Week in the Life with Ali Edwards was last week. I know that I am not in step. Somewhat intentionally. Somewhat happenstance. This week there is no temptation to link up, which I am trying to avoid for personal reasons. In addition, last week just didn't work for me. Other things made it to the top of the priority list last week. Still I love, love, love having a typical week documented in this fashion. I don't think I will scrap the pages. But I haven't truly decided yet. This week I am just jotting notes and diligently taking photos because someday the mundane and chaos of these days will make me smile. This week is full. I don't know if I will make it all week. But at least I know I have made one day. We'll try for more and try to not be disappointed if it doesn't happen.

5:00 | Up before the alarm. Shower. Dress.

5:30 | Coffee & quiet time.

6:00 | Chores. Fold laundry. Straighten living room.

6:45 | Daniel & Gracie up. Cuddle time with Gracie. Breakfast (Honey Nut Cheerios).

7:00 | Start Homemade Bread. Daniel starts daily reading (The Usborne Illustrated Encyclopedia: The Natural World) so he can play a little Wii before school.

7:20 | Mercy up. Breakfast (Honey Nut Cheerios). More chores. Clean kids' bathroom. Daniel play Star Wars Wii.

7:55 | Daniel to the bus stop. Wet, but not still raining. Gracie always wants to come too.

8:05 | Load of laundry. Towels. Reading practice with Mercy. Writing Practice. Math homework.

9:00 | My breakfast (Oatmeal with dried mango).

9:15 | Take a break from schoolwork to get daytime clothes on. Cousin Luke arrives to play because Auntie Kim is sick. Race cars.

10:15 | A little Pac-Man Mania Wii time. Little work on MOPS responsibilities.

11:00 | Turned off the Wii. Play Candyland.
11:30 | R came by with photos and videos for J Family goodbye service.
12:00 | C came with L and N to play and visit.
2:20 | C left, Brian called. He'll be here to get Luke a bit before five.

2:50 | House looks like five kids played. They did, so it's okay. Clean up. Watch a Berenstain Bear Video Discover School.

3:10 | Afternoon snack. Pretzels for them. Hot tea for me.
3:40 | Second coffee of the day. Might be a third before the day's over.

3:50 | Pick up Daniel off the bus.
4:30 | Kim called giving me the okay to make some MOPS calls to next year's DGLs!
4:45 | Uncle Brian comes and picks up Luke.
5:00 | Made MOPS phone calls.

5:10 | Dinner. Leftovers. Nachos. Fried rice. Fresh veggies. Water.
5:15 | Chatting with Kim again about MOPS. Daniel finishing up his Wii time.

5:40 | Eric called. On his way home from work. Desk work. Trying to plunk away through the stacks. Girls take turns taking photos with my camera.
6:15 | Eric home. Soup & toasted cheese sandwich.
7:15 | Kids are ready for bed.
8:00 | Prayers. Gracie's best thing today: Having kids over to play. Gracie's hardest thing today: Having to share toys. Kids in bed. Listening to a story on CD (Summer According to Humphrey).

8:15 | Cleaning out the refrigerator in preparation for all day without electricity.

9:10 | Chores. Eric making his lunch for tomorrow.
9:15 | Uploading photos. Posting to blog.

The quiet minutes this morning fueled me today. My short hopeful list was left mostly undone. The moments filled up with visiting. Learning to be okay with God's plans for my day.


"Give thanks to the Lord Almighty,
     for the Lord is good;
     his love endures forever."
Jeremiah 33:11b