Saturday, May 5, 2012

Week in the Life | Friday Photos + Words

8:47 | Shower. Finally.

That about sums up the day. (And that was the only time that I took notice of today.) It was such a hard start today, in so many ways. I couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning. Gracie was awake sometime between five and six, too early. Unable to convince her it wasn't time to start the day, I allowed her to climb into bed with me. It was restless until seven, when I relented to her getting up because Daniel was now awake too.

Our morning routine has started to include looking in on Cutie Pie and her kittens. I caught her feeding them. I love how she instinctively puts up her paw to guard them from my silly camera.

Daniel missed a friend's birthday party last weekend. I don't know his family, so we couldn't just drop off the gift. So he needed to take the gift to school. I finally remembered to email Mrs. L. and ask if that was okay. It was.

The kids wanted to see the kittens before school.

It was a floam kind of day. 

After washing my hair I felt more or less awake. Too bad it didn't happen until nearly nine.

Gracie's lunch.

My lunch.

Lots of computer work.

Work was broken up by some quality kitten time. I pet them. Haven't held them yet. Will wait another day or two. I don't want Cutie Pie fretting.

Sat down and played dollhouse with Gracie. She loves it when I do. I try to do it at least a little bit on the days that are just me and her.

Markers are always a treat and Gracie really does try to be careful.

Some of our best moments together are at the bus stop, waiting for the sign of the big yellow bus pulling around the corner.

I love these pictures. Mercy is so delighted to be running off the bus.

And we are always delighted when Friday includes a Tootsie Pop for good behavior on the bus. Mr. L. is always gracious and lets Daniel and Mercy take an extra one for Gracie.

The girls bringing in the Klesick Box of Good! Yum!

Daddy's home! Always a noisy time of day because Gracie starts screaming and running to open the door first. Love can be awfully noisy.

We headed for Office Depot and Costco after dinner. As soon as we walked into Costco Mercy said she needed to go potty. So we hustled to the bathroom. She was D.E.L.I.G.H.T.E.D. to try out the hand dryers that you just stick your hand into. SO stinkin' fun that Gracie insisted she needed to wash her hands too.

We bought another internal hard drive to help speed up the time required to put together a photo project we are working on. My software and files have over-taxed my current internal hard drive.

Eric is already in bed, fast asleep. I need to follow. I just didn't want to wake up further behind in the morning.

My brother is shooting a good friend's wedding tomorrow and is borrowing my camera so he has a back-up body, just in case. So tomorrow I will be borrowing my husband's camera for my WITL photos. Have no idea how that will go. Hopefully I will still take photos. We'll see.


"Return faithless people;
     I will cure you of backsliding."
Jeremiah 3:22