Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Intentional Summer | The Big God Story Timeline

The very first thing on my Intentional Summer List was to make a timeline for The Big God Story. Reading the book Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony deeply inspired me. I wanted to have something to have in front of us when we have family devotions so that the kids could see when it falls in the order of historical events, to help give context. I dreamed of painting it on my wall. Eric wasn't a fan of that. I loved the idea. He wanted me to paint it on a board that we hung on the wall. Also a good idea, but I didn't like the idea of working on a long awkward board in our dining room over a series of weeks. (Sometimes it can take a while to get a project done.) The idea didn't satisfy.

A week or two ago I stumbled onto this, on pinterest. Suddenly I knew I wanted to paint on canvas and make a table runner that could be rolled up and stored when we weren't using it. The best part was that the kids could lean over it and TOUCH where on the timeline we were at. It could fit perfectly on our kitchen table, the living room floor, or their bedroom floor... wherever we were telling the story that day.

So I got busy.

It was such an inexpensive project. I bought a canvas drop cloth at Lowe's for less than $10. It was large enough to make six timelines. So I'll probably be making some more, without any additional cost. The markers I spent more on than I really needed to because I hadn't planned ahead. We headed out last night and were late getting to the craft store. Apparently they close at 6 PM on Memorial Day. That would have been helpful on their answering machine, because I called. Oh well. We went to Walmart, but they only had a package of ten different colors, and I only needed black. So I spent $13 on the markers, instead of about $3 or $4. Still very inexpensive project.

And I LOVE it!

Step One: Cut your canvas. I cut mine 2' x 4.5'.

Step Two: Hem up your cut edges.

Step Three: Sketch out your timeline. I used a yardstick and I spaced the ticks one inch apart. I started is six inches off the end and ended it six inches from the end on the other side. So the timeline ended up being about 3.5' long.

Step Four: Go over your pencil sketch with a fabric marker. This says it should be washable after setting for 24 hours.

Keep in mind it is as nice as your handwriting. It doesn't look like a silkscreen. But I love how personal you can make it. We plan to add our birth dates, too. But I want to do that with my kids there, as part of our talking and learning about who WE are apart of His Story.

Did I mention I LOVE it?! I do.

Best part? I can roll it up and store it easily when we aren't  using it. If we ever move (not likely, but possible) we can take it with us.


"Tell the next generation, detail by detail, the story of God."