Thursday, May 24, 2012

Intentional Summer | From a Spiritual Parenting Perspective

Summer. I have been thinking about it a lot lately. Three weeks of school left. It's time. We are so ready for the delights of summer schedules. But I don't want to slip through a lazy summer and suddenly find us ready to start school again and regret how we didn't use the gift of the long days we were given.

I was inspired by Ali Edwards this morning to complete the post I'd already started about my summer plans. Read hers here. Her list is awesome.

I have an intentional list of desires for our summer. My plans for our summer are driven by a book by Michelle Anthony called Spiritual Parenting. I didn't just read it this year, I've been submerging my thinking in it and I want our summer to reflect the heart of what I desire for our kids. I don't want them to simply grow up happy with good memories. That's good, but that's not enough. I want more. I want them to grow up with a vibrant personal faith in Jesus Christ that permeates every aspect of their life. A faith that is their own. A faith that is so rooted that when life happens (which it will) and they are making all their own decisions they know deeply whose they are and their faith does not dissipate. That doesn't just happen because Eric and I love Jesus, we have to be intentional about creating environments that are tender for conversation and filled with experiences full of the character building opportunities that I desire for them.

So this is what I want our summer to be about...

Time moves forward, it doesn't stop just because I'm not organized. It just keeps moving forward. And if I'm not careful to be intentional, the time comes and it goes and it isn't always well spent.

I am getting so excited about this summer. I have had a really busy year, with lots more commitments than ever before. Plus, Daniel and Mercy have both been in school. Summer means so much more when it means the kids are home. I miss the beauty of together days being the norm. I love summer!

Have you started thinking about summer?


"At the heart of our Christian faith is a story... Unless the story is known, understood, owned, and lived, we and our children will not have Christian faith." John H. Westerhoff