Saturday, May 26, 2012

Intentional Summer | A Hint & Other Random Things

I bought a canvas drop cloth at Lowe's last night. I am so excited to get started on one of my goals for summer. I'm promising myself to get started this holiday weekend, even if I don't get very far.

We looked at outdoor furniture and welcome mats while wandering through Lowe's. I've never done anything with our front porch. Literally nothing, except a big black "B" by the front door (which I happen to adore). I am dreaming about the fact that if I actually did what I want to our front porch I would spend time there, rather than at my computer during free moments.

I mowed the lawn. My favorite thing about mowing the lawn is that it's so loud that the kids are not quick to interrupt me. I get a lot of thinking done. And praying when my heart is particularly burdened.

We are going to eat outside today. It's actually warm and sunny. Eric is using the charcoal barbecue and we are having the most unhealthy burgers we've had in a very long time. I'm cooking bacon. I don't think we have had bacon at all this year (at least not at home). We might actually put spinach on the burgers, but we'll be sure to smother them in cheese too.

I'm going to eat as much watermelon as I want today, even if I eat half of it myself. I like it that much.

My dad made a beautiful sign for us that has our last name and house number on it. We finally picked out where we want it, so I'm dreaming about my husband planting wildflowers in front of where I want the sign placed.

The kittens are growing. They are starting to play with each other. I adore Red. Her eyes immediately dissipate my frustration over cleaning out the litter box, again.

Gracie Jean is in undies now. In three days she's only had one accident. She tells everybody when she experiences success. She's very proud. I love getting excited with her.

It's easy to delight in life today.