Friday, May 4, 2012

Week in the Life | Thursday Photos + Words

5:46 | Eric woke me up. He was getting ready to leave for work and told me that Cutie Pie had her kitten, but that she only had one. He was worried. I got up and went to go see. She had cleaned the little one all up. So thankful she didn't wait until next Thursday when Eric will be gone.

6:00 | Sit down but can't really focus. Didn't get devotions in yet. Had my coffee.

6:45 | Went back out to check on her. Now there are three.

7:00 | Gracie and Daniel woke up. I took them in to see the kittens. When we went in there were FOUR! I return Gracie to the dining room. I go back in and pet the kittens myself. They are so precious. Spend some time loving on Cutie Pie and reassuring her.

7:30 | Mercy woke up. We are going to give Cutie Pie another hour or so to clean up her litter, then I'll take Mercy in to see the kittens.

7:40 | Kids eat breakfast (Honey Nut Cheerios).

7:55 | I give Daniel a new book I bought at the Book Fair (Encyclopedia of Space). He's delighted even though it isn't Transformers, Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars or Legos. We are intentionally trying to help him branch out.

8:00 | Girls play games together. I work on chores. Cleaning kitchen. Cooking dinner ahead since I'll be gone.

9:15 | Pastor Brent brings by some photos for Sunday's special service. Gracie gets really excited telling him about Cutie Pie's kittens!

9:20 | Daniel reads (The Magic Treehouse). Mercy reads (BOB Sight Words). Gracie hovers at my shoulder while I help Mercy.

10:00 | Daniel and Mercy play Mario Kart on the Wii.

11:30 | The kids have Breakfast Lunch on their own blankets to have a picnic in the living room. I make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

12:00 | Check on Cutie Pie and the kittens.

12:15 | Try to focus on some quiet time while the kids are watching a video and eating lunch. Reminded this works so much better before everyone in the house is awake. Feel discouraged. Start to think on this evening and the content portion of our meeting. Concerned that last night's late night getting chores done will inhibit my ability to think clearly and be as effective as I want to be.

1:00 | Grandma Cook stops by and wants to see the kittens.

2:00 | Starting the baths early, since I'll be leaving early and they prefer Mom helping with pajamas. Yes, I know it's barely mid-afternoon.

3:00 | Make macaroni and cheese for dinner. Make bread to take to my dinner meeting.

4:30 | Eric gets home. Mad dash to get everything loaded into the van. Cooler. Melons. Extra bowls. Meeting notes. Blank cards. Party decorations. DGL gifts. Certain I've forgotten something, but needing to just go anyway.

5:00 | Pull up to Linda's. Takes about five trips to get everything in the house. Feels like I'm moving in. Start chopping almost immediately. Had really hoped to have time of prayer with her before people arrived. Didn't happen. Reminder of why that needs to always happen first, chores second.

6:30 | Ladies start to arrive. Flurry of activity. Laughter. Eating.

7:15 | Move into meeting time. Special time of prayer and sharing. Overwhelmed with this happy sad feeling. This is the last DGL/Mentor Meeting for this year. Things will never be the same again. This year has been a really special time.

10:00 | Back home. Eric is working on the slideshow presentation for Pastor Brent and Celeste Sunday night.

11:15 | Fall into bed more exhausted than I have been in a really, really long time. Fall asleep thinking about the fact that I am really sad that I didn't get a single picture at the MOPS meeting tonight. Almost too tired to care. Thinking about how precious it is to get to meet with the wise mentors every month. Realize how much I have been leaning into their wisdom and spiritual support this year, especially Linda W., Ginger L., and my mom. Grateful. Deeply grateful.


"Wisdom brightens a man's face
    and changes its hard appearance."
Ecclesiastes 8:1b