Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week in the Life | Wednesday Photos + Words

Each day of Ali Edwards' Week in the Life it seems to get a little bit harder for me to complete it. But I presume that will make it all the more valuable. These days are busy.

5:00 | It took a lot to drag myself out of bed. Up slightly before Eric. Got shower.
5:15 | Make latte (1 cup rice milk, 1/2 cup 1% milk, 1/2 cup espresso, 1 oz. vanilla syrup). Yum.
5:20 | Upload yesterday's pictures and finish up Tuesday's Week in the Life post.

6:49 | Daniel woke up. Obviously has pink eye. He'll be staying home. I call to get him an appointment with his pediatrician.

7:30 | Gracie up. Crusty gross nose. Eyes look red, but both eyes. Might not be pink eye for her. Make breakfast (cinnamon toast).

7:35 | Finally get to devotions. Brief. But a little bit of quiet time back in the bedroom while the kids watch a video.

7:50 | Look at the ads and make a grocery list.

8:30 | I finish getting ready. Kids get ready. Daytime clothes. Potty. Pack Mercy's lunch.
9:00 | Load everyone up to go to The Everett Clinic.

9:20 | Meet with the Dr. L. Confirms my fears that both Daniel and Gracie have pink eye.

9:55 | Head over to Haggen to fulfill their prescriptions and do grocery shopping. Prescriptions ready after we check out.
10:40 | Take Mercy to school. Twenty minutes late. Swing by the Book Fair before getting back in the van. Sneak two books for Daniel since it's buy one get one free. Undecided when I'll give them to him. Tempted to today, but unsure.

10:55 | Home. Put drops in the eyes. Many tears. Talk to Daniel about how his getting worked up over the drops made Gracie nervous when there was nothing to be nervous about. Apologies. I'm worn out and the day isn't half over yet. Still need to figure out how we will handle tonight's responsibilities. Facebook. Blog.

12:00 | Make lunch (Gracie has a ham and cheese sandwich with a go-gurt; Daniel just wants a go-gurt; I eat tortilla pizza.) Watch an episode of Hart of Dixie while I eat my lunch.

1:10 | Chores. Daniel practices his photography skills.
3:00 | Talk to Carrie and decide that it's best if I find child care so that I can still go to Tru and cover Response Time. Realize I need to get started on dinner.

3:50 | Mercy hops off the bus. Gracie and I are outside waiting for her.
4:20 | Daddy home. Dinner is ready.
5:05 | Clean up from dinner.
5:20 | Mom arrives to watch the kids so that Eric and I can go to Tru Midweek.

5:45 | Arrive at church. Eric goes to set-up the computer so he can run media. I head to the resource room to prep the response supplies. We're doing an art response. The colored pencils need to be sharpened. I sharpen pencils for half an hour. The electric pencil sharpener kept over-heating.
6:35 | Tru starts. So much easier to listen fully without the kids. Still I miss them, especially when it actually comes to the response time. Not the same without the kids.

8:00 | Arrive home to find the kids are still up, but in the pajamas. Grandma is reading to them. They are so delighted.
8:30 | Prayers. Under covers and ready to listen to another installment of Summer According to Humphrey.
8:35 | I work on preparing for my DGL/Mentor meeting.
9:30 | Take a break and watch Last Man Standing with Eric before saying goodnight to him.
10:30 | Work a bit on Week in the Life.

10:45 | Put together End of Year gifts for my girls. I've wanted to have them ready for our last meeting.


"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11