Monday, May 7, 2012

Week in the Life | Wrap-up

Last week I set out to capture a week in my life. The week was filled with perceived successes and a bit of initially perceived failure. I ended up just documenting Monday through Friday. Frankly that was more than what I thought I would be able to manage to pull off. I plan to fit the extra pages in with my Project Life scrapbook. I don't want to do a separate book. I love zero-ing in on a little more details in one random week. I will probably pick another Saturday and Sunday to document sometime this year and do an extra spread for that. We'll see. I'm not promising myself anything or if it doesn't happen I'll feel a twinge of failure and I am trying to avoid wasting time with those kinds of feelings. They aren't helpful.

The delight of new life is helpful.

This weekend one of the highlights was holding one of the kittens. The kids loved it. So did I.