Monday, July 9, 2012

Me | Right Now {Forced Stop}

When I go, I go. And go. And go. And go. I get to the point where I am going so fast, with so much momentum that it becomes nearly impossible to stop. I can't sleep. I stay up late, really late, getting things done. Things that maybe could wait, but I might as well be getting done because I can't turn off the to do list.

Yesterday we had agreed to get together with friends that we hadn't slowed down and enjoyed in too long. I had had a huge week preparing for a VBS work party where I had a team of helpers coming that I needed to be prepared to make good use of. That kind of leadership totally drains me. I walked away from Saturday utterly blessed by the amount of work my friends had accomplished, but totally empty too.

Back to the promise. All I wanted to do was stay home all day, not leave the house, for anything, not even church. My dear husband, who knows me well, and knows how to get me to do something, told me that if I stayed home from church I would have time to make something for the potluck, instead of picking up fried chicken. Yep, really, he said that. In some ways, not his finest moment, in others, exactly what I needed to get me out the door (I hate to cook and I really, really, really hate to cook when I'm exhausted). I went to church, and needed to hear what I heard in the teaching. Then we went to the promised get-together with friends.

It took me almost the entire afternoon for my head to stop going. It was worth it, once I finally stopped thinking my body was flooded with fatigue and began to shut down completely. My head started to get just a little bit of needed rest.

Fried chicken picnic

On Uncle Mike and Aunt Linda's boat on the lake

Me and Mercy

Me and the girls, hair flying

Gracie having the time of her life

The happiest I've seen Daniel in a while

Getting ready to get pulled on the tub

Sharing a Coke to get his mind off the memory of feeling sure he was going to die when he went down off the tub in the lake. It was scary. But it was also a good reminder that God is protecting us.

Still shaking from the episode

Could be a Speedo ad, I think

The lake finally calmed down enough to take the kayaks out

It was good, just what I needed. And I even got this crispy red burn that made my skin tight and tender to the touch. With the burn came a wonderful flood of childhood memories of Saturdays at the beach.


"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28