Wednesday, August 22, 2012

40 Things to Do by 40 | 40 NEW Sweet Recipes 1-4

When I turned 39 I made a list of things I want to do by 40 (August 2, 2013). You can see it here. I got a yummy start on one of the items on my list: 40 NEW Recipes by 40.

NEW Recipe #1 {Salted Caramel Brownies}
Recipe Source: Amy's Cooking Adventures
Rating: Easy and Delicious

I've wanted to try a chocolate, caramel, salt combination for a long time. I had some caramel bits in the pantry for a long time (I was unsure how to use it). I also had a brownie mix. I googled the ingredients and found this recipe. I don't know why I happened to have sweetened condensed milk in my pantry too (I never use the stuff). So this was recipe, which used all three, needed to be tried.

I need to do this one again. I had to share this one with a friend I was making dinner for, so we didn't get to eat the whole pan. What I love about this recipe is that a little bit goes a long way. Yummy? Yes. Salty? Super. Next time, rather than mixing the salt into the carmel mixture, I think I'll drizzle some of the carmel on top and then sprinkle some of the coarse sea salt on top instead. Though the saltiness makes a little bit enough, which is much better for my waistline!

Recipe Source: Barbara Bakes
Rating: Easy and Off-the-Charts Delicious

You are going to think I have a thing for chocolate. I do. It's my go-to sweet when I'm taking treats anywhere. Most everyone likes chocolate. Though I admit, if it's a large group I usually bring something lemon-y too. Honestly, I favor lemon. Think I'm going to need to try something lemony-y soon.

The photo doesn't really do it justice. I didn't want to cut into the bread before we left for our Spiritual Parenting class, so I took a less-than-what-it-really-is kind of photo. The inside is dark and gooey chocolate chip goodness. The recipe makes two loaves and they polished off both loaves, so I don't think I was the only one who thought it was good. Either that or I'm the only spouse who still serves sugar and chocolate at home and  the poor people were just happy to see sugar and chocolate on a plate. Just saying. It's possible.

NEW Recipe #3 {Salted S'more Pops}
Recipe Source: Angela's Adventures
Rating: Easy Enough to have a Kid Helper and Yummy

I might as well call this my chocolate post. Yep, another recipe with chocolate. This is Angela's recipe. I don't know if she made it up or if she saw it somewhere else, but she is where I first saw the idea, so that's where I'm linking you to. These were perfect for our family night (almost always Sunday nights at our house). The girls made these with me. I smashed the graham crackers using the flat side of my meat tenderizer. I rarely use that thing and it felt good to pull it out of the drawer. It helped turn the graham crackers into smaller pieces.

VERY kid-friendly recipe in my opinion! I also loved that they just made six. Perfect for our family of five (I think I should get two, since I'm the one who decided we should try them). Gracie, who is four, asked for them again already.

Recipe Source: My Recipes
Rating: Super Easy

Yesterday my son asked me, "Mom, do you know what my favorite part of a cupcake is?" This was a leading question, one meant as a means for telling me that he loves the cupcake part way more than the frosting part. In some ways he is so much like his daddy. Yep, the hubby does not love frosting, but he does like the cake part. One exception, he tolerates cream cheese frosting. So, when I needed to come up with a quick easy dessert for taking dinner (and dessert of course) to a couple of different friends who had babies, I decided to try a cupcake that didn't really have frosting, but a dollop of cream cheese cooking down on top and who says no to mini chocolate chips? Nobody I know. (Okay, except maybe my friend Noel who only does white chocolate.)

What did we think? They are okay, nothing hugely special. The cream cheese in mine sunk to the bottom, unlike photos I'd seen, suggesting that the cream cheese kind of sits on tops and looks decorative. But if you aren't a huge frosting fan, a good alternative. Also a good chocolate alternative to a brownie. (Sorry I didn't get any photos.)

I've got more recipes coming, I promise some savory ones next time.

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