Tuesday, August 7, 2012

40 Things To Do By 40 | NEW Places 1-4

When I turned 39 last week I made a list of things I want to do by 40 (August 2, 2013). You can see it here. I got a good start on one of the items on my list: 40 NEW Places by 40.
NEW Place #1 {Lafeen's}
146 Electric Ave
Bellingham, WA
Cost: We all had a donut and it came to less than $8.

This place looks like a hole in the wall. It really is. But it's the best hole in the wall donut shop I've ever been too. Their donut assortment is extensive.

I decided on a raspberry bear claw. Yummy!

Eric got a blueberry fritter. Yep, blueberry!

Both girls got glazed sprinkle donuts, because sugary sprinkles are what defines childhood goodness.

I told Eric that if we only ate really good donuts I think we would loose weight. One and I was totally satisfied. Driving an hour for a donut? Totally worth it!

NEW Place #2 {Peace Arch Park}
State Park, Blaine, WA
Cost: Discovery Pass (Annual Pass is $30)

Totally gorgeous setting. If I'd planned ahead, this would have been the ideal setting for photos. It didn't hurt that it was a gorgeous day. Here was the rose garden and Gracie was in a posing mood.

They had this adorable cement bench tucked into the foliage. The kids thought it was so cool. So they hopped up willingly for a photo.

And the main attraction, the Peace Arch itself. The gates at the base are representative of the open border. Eric was a little bothered by the "Children of a Common Mother," thinking they were referring to Mother Earth. I assured him I thought it referred to our British Heritage.

The kids thought the flowers planted to look like "Our Flag" as they've started calling it (love that) was so cool. Daniel wanted to read the plaque to the girls. Love that he's such a good reader.

Mercy just loved to run in the open field. She ran and ran and ran.

Both girls ran headlong into Canada to check out the Canadian flag, displayed out of flowers. For a few seconds the girls were in another country without us.

We got Daniel to get a picture of Eric and me.

The gardens themselves were gorgeous. I couldn't be there without thinking of my grandma, the botanist. She would have been able to name all the flowers without looking at the signs (like I had to do).

This looked a bit like The Secret Garden to me. The kids were intrigued. In the center were these mammoth rhubarb plants. Daniel kept freaking out, because the leaves are poisonous. Mercy was terrible and kept teasing him by touching them. He kept screaming for her to stop. It was quite funny!

NEW Place #3 {Little Red Caboose Cafe}
Blaine, WA 
Cost: $40

I really wish I'd gotten more photos of this adorable little cafe. We picked it because we thought the kids would love it. When we got there it was clear that their core clientele wasn't families. We had to push two cafe tables together to make enough seating for our family of five. We left very little room on their patio for any other customers. But that didn't stop them from going over the top to accommodate us. Family run, they were quick to tell us all the kid-friendly options that weren't on the menu. The kids were delighted with their grilled cheese sandwiches and hot dogs. Eric and I were delighted with their paninis. Oh my! I got a pastrami panini served up on a couissant. A wonderful kick and bit of a bite. I would go back in a heartbeat, but next time probably on a date with the hubby. The view looked over the water and the kids got to watch several boats get launched while we ate.

Lynden, WA
Cost: FREE

It was fun going to a new playground. This place lives up to its name! The kids ran and ran and ran, in and out, around and about. Then it was climbing, up, down, around, through. It was a wonderful way to end the day. We only stayed about a half hour. It was definitely a place we could have stayed much longer. But the kids had spent a lot of time in the sun already. I was a bit worried about Gracie getting a bit dehydrated.

Like one of the playgrounds closer to home this playground has one area that's intended for kids ages 2-5 and another area for kids ages 5-12. Love the separation, except when you have kids in both age brackets. Big is fun, but I wouldn't take the kids here without Eric too. It's too large to keep an eye on multiple kids, in my opinion, but I tend to be a more uptight parent than many.

Who doesn't love a tire swing? Would love one of these in our yard!

It was a fabulous day-cation! We rarely (and I do mean rarely) skip church. But the family time was really, really, really important. I'm so glad that we did! On the way home we started talking about other NEW places we should try this year. Eric's loving my resolve, so I know we have a much higher probability of accomplishing the goal with us both on board!


"For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the plant; its blossom falls and its beauty is destroyed. In the same way, the rich man will fade away even while he goes about his business." James 1:11


  1. Thanks for sharing these cool places, Cami!

    Here's one to add to your list, if you don't already know about it. It's Hovander Homestead on Mt Baker Highway in Bellingham:(http://www.co.whatcom.waus/parks/hovander/index.jsp).
    It's a period house you can tour (we always loved going through the house as kids) and beautiful gardens. There even used to be a fire pole in the water tower or some other structure,but I don't know if it's still there.

    1. We haven't been there, Ginger. I'll tell Eric about it and I'm sure we'll find a time to go! Thanks for the recommendation.