Friday, August 3, 2012

Me | Birthday Traditions

Another year. I remember when my birthday changed and it really wasn't about me. Growing older does that. And it's okay. A little like Christmas, when suddenly it's not about you anymore and it's about delighting your kids with good gifts. My birthday has become more about doing something fun with the kids than anything else.

Usher in the perfect opportunity for family traditions.

I went to my parents' for lunch. Mom and Dad had taken the kids overnight since I'd needed someone to watch them both Wednesday night and Thursday morning. They L.O.V.E. getting to spend the night at Papa and Grandma's and Eric and I loved having a date night. When I came to pick them up Mom and Dad had a birthday lunch for me.

For the last few year we've been going to the Stanwood Camano Fair for my birthday. I am not a huge fair person, but it's something I've appreciated much more since having children. I do love fair food. And yes, I had a mammoth plate of fair curly fries for my dinner. Don't judge me. The kids all helped, and Eric too.

Mercy was made at me for telling her I needed to have the first of the fries, since they were my dinner.

Everybody got to do two rides. Daniel chose to go on the Dragon roller coaster twice. He'd rather do a known fun twice than risk doing something he isn't certain he'll like. I'm okay with that. I always order the same thing at a restaurant, so I get it. He and I are a lot alike. I had fun riding with him. He didn't open his eyes the second time on.

After the fair we went back to my mom and dad's for cake. They got me an ice cream cake. It's the one tradition that has been kept up almost every single year since we've lived in the States. I love ice cream cake! This one was frozen so solid that it took dad about ten minutes to cut into it. We were all giving him a really hard time and laughing. Andy suggested sticking it in the microwave.

After the cake Eric had to run over to the church to work on fixing their media computer for Sunday. I stayed with the kids and watched the Olympics. Got to see Soni break a swimming World Record. Loved it!

This is my last year in my thirties. I've been spending some time thinking about what I want to do still before I turn forty. So, I'm putting together a list that I will probably share eventually. But it's not ready to go yet.

It's been a good start to the year so far.