Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Edge Pieces

Last night I did it. I locked myself in the bathroom, ran the hottest water in the tub I could, with bubbles, and sunk in, with my Bible and my notebook. I did this all during the middle of dinner. Yep, with three kids and a husband. I felt myself coming apart. Not just the unravelled sort, you know the kind, where you can tuck the yarn up under the hem of your sweater and deal with it later when you have a few moments and a pair of scissors or needle and thread. Not the glass crashing to the floor kind either. The kind of falling apart that happens when you knock over the card table that you have the puzzle of your life carefully laid out on.

I needed quiet. I needed perspective. I needed time alone with God. In the middle of the chaos. Almost an hour later, with shriveled toes I emerged again to deal with the puzzle pieces.

Some of the puzzle pieces of my life are getting put back in the box for later. I'm keeping out all the edge pieces... I picked out the top seven major priorities in my life. Everything else is getting put back in the box, at least until I get all the edge pieces in the right places.

The blog is one of many things figuratively being put back in the box. I won't be posting again, at least until November 1. I will re-evaluate then. If I feel like it's time again to work on that part of my life puzzle, then I'll pick back up.

I'll still be doing all the things that I blog about... still doing my Project Life pages, still working on my 40 New Things by 40, still going to new places, trying new recipes, and reading books to my kids, still working on creative projects, just not blogging about them, right now. There might be a bunch of "catch-up posts" after November 1. Or not. I don't know.

It's time for quiet in my life.



  1. Interesting....I was up late last night because I was sick and I couldn't fall asleep and I was contemplating this VERY same thing (like EXACTLY). There's a season for everything and if it fits and it's from God, then it's good. You're smart and I love that you make the choices that are right for YOU and your family. Good job.

  2. understood. Praying for you my friend. That God will give you peace about your decisions and that you'll find the balance you are needing! :)
    Love and prayers,

  3. wait!! I love reading your blog!! You mean I will have to use an actual phone to catch up on things?? How do you do that again???