Friday, September 21, 2012

Project Life | Week Thirty-Four

At the end of September I was behind. I'm not just talking about Project Life, but that was one very measurable area. I was behind in many areas. And what do I do when I'm overwhelmed by the length of my to do list? Wander around pinterest for an hour. Somehow I found myself reading through a list of 700+ ideas for the Nesting Place 31 Days Project coming up in October. Yep. And I was thinking about what I should do. When I realized I was merely drunk on idealism I grabbed a cup of coffee and sobered up and returned to one of the projects I have already committed to. And that's when and where I determined to get caught up.

So, here is my imperfect, though more or less done, thirty-fourth Project Life layout.

I have been playing around a little bit. I like the card with the bunting on it. And I am loving lime green right now. Thinking it would be really fun to have lime green accessories. I'm also liking the washi-style tape I created and used on the right side of the layout.