Wednesday, November 21, 2012

40 Creative Project #4 | Hooked on MOPS

I am apart of a great MOPS (Mothers of PreschoolerS) Group. I've been in leadership three of my four years. It's been a great opportunity for service and deepening relationships to go hand in hand very naturally.

One of the things I get to do this year is find ways to love on the ladies in our group. Some peoples love language is gift giving/receiving. Not everyone, but some. So one of the ways we try to express love is to occasionally have something small for each of the ladies.

One things we did was take an idea I found on Pinterest (helps to justify the wasted hours that I will never get back) and personalize it for MOPS.

Here's my "Hooked on MOPS" idea. If you are in a MOPS group, feel free to do this for your ladies. I've included a link to download the free printable. Six to a page make them a pretty affordable little something... toss in a few Swedish Fish (Winco is so cheap for bulk candy) and you're good to go!

We used these at the meeting that we really talked about this year's theme.