Wednesday, November 14, 2012

40 Creative Projects #3 | Showers of Blessing Baby Shower

One of the sweetest ladies, our former Children's Pastor, is having a baby. I was one of the ladies who got to be apart of planning decorations for a party that was bound to be very well attended, since dear Abby had many circles of friendship.

One of the hosts let us know that one of the main things she wanted to do was pray prayers of blessings over Abby, her hubby, and the baby. The concept was just beautiful and right in line with who Pastor Abby is and what she would desire for her baby shower.

My friend Julie and I talked about what we could do with keeping in theme with what the hostess had in mind. Right away I thought of the old hymn, There will be Showers of Blessing. I love the hymn and it just fit right.

What a fun theme to work with.

The first thing I worked on was a backdrop. Originally it was going to be for the food table, but the food table ended up having servers because the party was so large, so I decided to use it on the gift table, which got awfully full. Look how full!

Backdrop How-To: I got foam core board from the dollar store. Wrapped two and half sheets with wrapping paper. Then I cut out a cloud (again from foam core board, using an exact-o knife). My sweet friend Linda has a Cricut and she helped me cut out the letters and the raindrops. (I love you, Linda!) To give it a bit of dimension, I used the double sided foam stickies.

That's a serious shower of blessings!

Boots How-To: Here's a better lit close up of the boots. Super easy. Used paper card stock (again the Cricut) for the flowers. Two pieces, slightly different sizes. Then I found adorable buttons at Michaels. Poked the button through the center. Then I used panted bamboo skewers, poking them through the button hole. Then finished with hot glue gun, to keep them together. Wrapped the boots with ribbon and they make a great take home gift, though it will be a while before baby is able to fit in them.

Here's another pair I put at the door where people came in...

Then next thing was to create the effect of rain falling. I think this was my favorite part of the decorations!

I am terrible at sewing. I can never seem to get the tension on my sewing machine right. So I had another sweet friend help with this.

Falling Rain How-To: I used the Cricut again to cut out more raindrops, then I had her sew strings of raindrops together in varying sizes. Then we hung them in front of the doorway. It was beautiful and the little ones loved running through the rain. Too bad I didn't get any pictures of little people in boots running through the rain!

Another thing I always love to do for baby showers is have something for the little guests to do. With Pastor Abby have been our Children's Pastor I knew we would have lots of little ones attending. So I had a coloring station set-up. I'd made mini coloring books for our youngest guests to enjoy.

And they did get used...

The decor was really kept simple, since the room would be filled with people. Plus, the emphasis really was on the prayers of blessing. I think that was my favorite part of the shower. It was a lovely, worshipful time. And even with all the little ones, it seemed to work.

The last thing we did to help bless Abby was to provide her with thank you cards. Of course we had the guests address their own envelopes to save her a step.  I made the cards to tie in with the blessing theme, using a scanned page of the old hymn I mentioned before.

Baby showers are such a wonderful way to show love!


Note: The decorating team wasn't in charge of food and wasn't sure what all would be coming (another crew took that on), so, though there are tons of possibilities for actually decorating the food table (I just adore labels on food), we didn't do that this time.