Monday, November 12, 2012

40 New Places | The Donut House {#17}

Daddy got home from a hunting trip really late last night. One of the things on our fall bucket list is a late night donut run. Originally the plan was to go last night when Daddy got back. But at 10:30 Gracie had just finally gotten to sleep (we've been having issues again with her less than ideal sleep patterns) and I just could wake them up. So we decided to go this morning instead. We headed to Anacortes. We had heard about a donut shop called The Donut House and we wanted to try it out.

Oh my... yum! Everyone was delighted with their selection. The selection was huge with dozens of cake donuts alone. The girls each got a different kind of pink frosted sprinkle cake donut. Daniel got a maple bar (real adventurous, I know). Daddy got a buttermilk blueberry bar. Me? I got an Angel Cream Bar with powdered sugar. Mine was the best. Yep, they all agreed after each taking TWO tastes of my donut. I guess it was fair, I had ordered a latte too.

All said and done it was only ten dollars (okay, plus gas). Such a great memory maker. Plus, I read to the kids in the car all the way there and back. So we were able to finish up Piper Reed Navy Brat, an appropriate read for Veteran's Day weekend.


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