Sunday, November 11, 2012

40 Projects by 40 | No-Sew Flower Belt {#5}

I've been fighting the blues lately. Sometimes cold rainy weather is enough to set it off. The pacific northwest isn't known for its great supply of vitamin D. The fall months can be tough.

This afternoon I was in a funk and running on empty. The kids had been sent to their rooms for quiet time, a Sunday afternoon favorite (for me) for the well-being of the whole household. Mercy had already had a couple of crying meltdowns over minor things. I knew she was tired. Couple of late nights with a sister who often chatters for an hour or two after they are put down some nights.

I decided to ignore the dirty dishes on the counter and the pile of papers on my desk and clutter strewn across the dining room table, at least for a little bit.  My mom had given me a huge stack of magazines more than a month ago and Mercy had sat down and looked through them. She'd pointed out this cute little belt that had a flower on it and showed it to me, "Mom, you could make me one of those." And I thought maybe I actually could. So, this grey afternoon I decided to try and make something pretty for my sweet tired girl.

Inspiration: Family Circle, August 2012

It ended up being super easy. No sewing. Scrap fabric (about 12"x18"), scissors, hot glue gun, and a scrap piece of felt. (And you'll need a belt to slide it onto when it's done.) Ten minutes (literally) later it was done. And cute. Really cute. See!

  • Cut out about 15 circles. My circles were the size of one of the kids' plastic princess cups.
  • Lay one circle flat. That'll be your back. You'll glue everything onto it.
  • Step three: Take each circle, fold in half and then half again (so it's a quarter of a pie). Then fold those pieces back away from themselves (think about making a paper airplane). Hot glue the folds together lightly, just at the tip. Glue to the center of the circle.
  • Repeat until you've used up all your circles and it looks like a puffy flower.
  • When you're satisfied with how it looks, cut a small rectangular piece of felt. Glue both ends to the backside, leaving the middle NOT glued. This is where you will slide your belt through.

The flower could easily be slid onto a headband too. But that isn't what Mercy wants it for. She loved it! I loved that it was a little smile in our otherwise grey afternoon. I might just need to make myself one. But I don't have any skinny belts to slip one onto.


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