Friday, November 23, 2012

All Things Christmas {Our 2012 Family List}

The season is starting. And truthfully, I am ready.

Since having kids I have totally fallen in love with Christmas like never before. It is such a wonderful time for intentional conversation, opportunities for service, gift-making and gift-giving, and memory making that strengthens family bonds. Love it.

Last year I had an activities advent calendar with something fun planned for each day. Good idea, but honestly with three kids ages four, six, and seven, it's not too practical to plan too specifically. Things change quickly when a little one is sick, or cranky, or ends up spending longer than expected to get through their math homework. But I love having activities that the kids can look forward to and get excited about. If I don't sit down and think through what I want to do ahead of time, well, they don't happen. It's too easy to stay in and get into our pajamas early and call it a night.

So this year we made a family list of things we will do from today (the day after Thanksgiving) until the day the kids go back to school. It's a lot of stuff and I'm really excited because a lot of it can be done inexpensively at home. Some of the things are brand new for us to try this year and some are traditions that we have been doing for a while now.

Here's our list:
I love to start decorating right away. It helps me to shift into the advent season. The first of the decorations out is my favorite, the nativity. My husband bought me this particular nativity our first Christmas and I love it. The next year we added the shepherd and stable animals. We haven't added since then, but I don't feel like we need too. Our shelf is full and it seems odd to put the magi in when they didn't arrive at Christmas, so the scene feels complete. (We also have a Little Peoples Nativity and all three kids LOVE that. I love having one they can actually play with out.)

The Nativity by Demdaco

We decorated with the kids this year. That's a first for me. I have a difficult time relinquishing control when it comes to decor in my house. But this year I really wanted the kids to enjoy that part of it. They were incredibly excited and they didn't do too bad. I did have to say, "Let's not have the balls touch each other," many times, and some still managed to find themselves clustered, but they really did great.

Daniel even made some Lego ornaments to add to the tree. I think this is a cross.

And the reward for all of our hard work? Hot chocolate with freshly whipped cream and Christmas sprinkles. We even used our Winterberry mugs (Thanks, Mom Blue)! While enjoying our treat by the Christmas tree lights Daniel brought over a stack of Christmas books. Tonight we read three!

Such a delightful first day of the Christmas Season. None of the kids stayed awake long enough to hear the book on CD that I put on for them to listen to in bed.

Delighting in the gift of Christ this season,

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  1. Good list!!!! I actually stopped by to see your Dec daily but the list caught my eye. We have playmobil nativity round here. I love watching him explore and play the story.