Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas List {Dessert CHOPPED}

We struggle with some food challenges at our home. Not the allergy type, the picky type. And we have tried all kinds of things to help motivate our kids to eat a wider variety of foods. We haven't wanted to allow food to be a continual battle and so my hubby and I have sat down together to talk about creative ways to encourage trying new foods.

A while ago my hubby (who sometimes surprises me with his out of the box thinking) suggested that we let the kids watch one of our favorite shows with us, CHOPPED. If you are unfamiliar with Chopped, it's a show on The Food Network where four professional chefs are given the chance to compete for $10,000. They are given a basket of mystery ingredients and must use all the ingredients in the basket to first make an appetizer. If they make it on to round two they make a main course (with new ingredients), then finally a dessert. They are judges by three food network celebrities.

Our kids loved the show. Daniel, who used to never wanted to mix foods was now starting to mix his foods on his plate. Still not trying too many new foods, but I consider mixing his foods progress. Almost since the first episode we watched as a family he has been saying that we needed to have a Chopped competition at home.

The Contestants: Chef Eric and Chef Daniel

I finally conceded and last night we had our first family edition of Chopped.

We had one basket of ingredients that the two chefs shared and we did just one course, dessert. Since we were doing a Christmas theme our secret ingredients were: candy canes, Christmas taffy, refrigerated crescent rolls, and animal crackers. I had taken Gracie (age 4) with me shopping earlier in the day to help select ingredients, which she LOVED! Four year olds do find keeping a secret challenging, so keep that in mind if you decide to do your own home version.

Chef Eric: Taffy Custard Neapolitan with Peppermint Candied Brittle
Chef Daniel: Candy Meat with Roll

It was over the top fun! We all laughed so hard. Eric and Daniel (almost 8) competed and the girls judged. The winner was Chef Daniel. Mercy, when explaining why Daddy had to get chopped, "Well, you put those [nuts] in and we don't like them. Daniel used all stuff we like. So we had to chop you."

So I guess the original intent was lost, but it was probably the most fun we have had on a family night ever.

Delighting in the gift of Christ this season,

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  1. Ha! You are brave to eat up. I like the show Chopped. I also like Sweet Genius. Some of the mystery ingredients are over the top!