Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Thankful List {2012}

We have been intentionally noticing our blessing this month, desiring for it to turn into a habit that shapes our hearts into hearts of gratitude. I want to say that it's important with our kids, but truly it's important for me, a grown-up. It's far too easy to spend time thinking about what we wish was different, instead of thinking on the many ways that we have been blessed far beyond what we deserve.

My much scaled-down list:

Parents/Grandparents that Live Close By :: So grateful for two sets of parents who are quick to be there when I need them, whether to watch the kids for a date night, attend school concerts or to pick up pizza and bringing it over on the third weekend of the hubby being gone hunting.

Public Education and Incredible Teachers :: Blessed beyond measure by skilled and compassionate teachers who balance strong education with the tenderness of young hearts with their complex fears.

God's Word :: As I age my awareness for the need of it's wisdom, guidance, comfort, and assurance deepens. I love how its relevance never lessens.

Friends who happen to be Family Too :: Fortunate that one of my best friends is family since we both married so smartly.

Lifelong Friendship :: So appreciative of the lifelong friendships I've been reminded of this year.

Public Library :: The hundreds of books we have borrowed this year that we never would have purchased or had room to store. The hours we have spent with Stella Batts and Piper Reed and Jack and Annie have made them like dear friends and I am grateful for such playmates for my children's imaginations.

Family Nights :: Loving that Eric and I have made family night a priority this year and are reaping the benefits that intentional time cultivating laughter, delight, and tender moments together as a family brings with it.

Sermons that Remind us it's Okay to Wrestle with God :: Thankful for a God who handles my willfulness and arrogance and child-like tantrums with grace and mercy. Instead of angry words he holds me tightly until I am again calm.

A Decade of Loving my Husband :: We will hit ten years on our next anniversary and I am thankful for what time and the hard work of loving each other faithfully, even through hurt feelings and hard to hear words of truth has brought to our marriage.

Each Other :: Eric, Daniel, Mercy, and Gracie all live in the center of my weaknesses and somehow still manage to love me unconditionally. Gratitude seems insufficient.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with gratitude for the many grace and mercy filled blessings the Lord has given you this year!


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  1. I've been meaning to comment on your blog for a while.

    We're doing the Beth Moore James study at our church too and it. is. so. good! I love it! I really love Beth Moore. :)

    Also thanks for the MOPS printable! I'm sending the link to our Coordinator. :)

    You are right, it is easier (maybe dependent upon personality) to focus on the things we want instead of what we already have. :) Great thankful list.