Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Project Life {Week Forty-Seven}

This is the week, for me that Project Life meets December Daily. I know, it's not December yet, but for me December Daily is about capturing all Christmas traditions and for us that starts the day after Thanksgiving when we put up our tree. And Thanksgiving is just about as early as it can get this year.

My mantra this entire year has been to attempt to simplify and not create more work, when less is just as effective. So I'm making December Daily fit into Project Life. See this post here for a bit more detail. But here is what it looks like fleshed out in the first week, in which I start transitioning to my December Daily format.

Did the sudden unavailability of Twinkie's suddenly leave you CRAVING them like crazy? My Twinkie cake met my husband's craving and I think it tasted MUCH better than an actual Twinkie.

And of course I am linking up for Project Life Tuesday over at The Mom Creative...



  1. Haha...I think everyone is craving Twinkies now that they can't get them anymore. Ah well, I'm sure we'll be healthier for it. :-) Cute pages.

  2. Love your week! I have yet to do a layout with the 6x6 pages but you have inspired me! I am not bothering with the December Daily this year. Have tried other years to do it and have failed - lol.

  3. Beautiful pages. Hope your little girl is feeling better.
    Luckily I never was a fan of twinkies...although I will miss the chocolate cupcakes.
    Do you have a recipe for the cake though? My sister and hubby would LOVE that.

    1. I am not a huge fan of Twinkies, but my hubby loves them. I think there is something about a treat you had as a kid. All I did was use a lemon cake mix and then real whipping cream (like you find with the milk at the grocery store, add the sugar and a touch of vanilla and whip it in your stand mixer) put in between two baked rounds. We frosted with lemon frosting, but it would taste even more like a Twinkie without the frosting.

      And my little girl is feeling all better. Thanks for the well-wishes :)