Monday, November 19, 2012

Project Life | Week Forty-Six

Didn't take a ton of pictures this week, but I did end up liking the ones I got, so it worked out fine for Project Life. I love that I got the reflection of the name of the donut shop in the picture with all the donut varieties.

Linking up at The Mom Creative again this week. I love looking at what everyone else is doing to tell their family story. There are always tons of idea. Head on over, even if you aren't a project lifer. It's a great way to get new ideas on how to spend special family time, both in the day to day and in the holiday seasons.



  1. Love your pages - especially the larger pictures!

  2. Those doughnuts look yummy!!!

    Love your pages this week!

  3. i really like the font you used to add text to your photos! what font is it?

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I love it too. I've used it all year and haven't tired of it. The font is Pea MissStaker. It's a free download available here:

  4. Those donuts look great.
    Love your Thankful tree. We did one this year and I'm so happy we did.

  5. Such nice simple pages. Love the Thanksgiving tree. I really should start a tradition like that. I think my boys would totaly get into it. That coffe and pastry look so inviting right now. It's cold and rainy here. Great week!

  6. I ♥ the different angles that you took pictures at.
    I need to do that more often.
    I also ♥ the clean look of your pages. :)