Thursday, November 1, 2012

What I am Not {And What I Want to Be}

I have thought myself very brave, committing to a blogging fast. I feared I wouldn't return, that I would feel compelled to stay away, so that I could be more fully present with my family. My head and heart knows they come first.

The pause in my text and visual voice left enough quiet for a deeper introspection, one that lasted longer than one evening, or even a week. Some thoughts take longer to work out, and those are usually the thoughts that are most useful in defining who you are and who you are becoming. What I thought my heart was telling me was definitively different at the end of the first week than it was at the end of the fourth.

Quiet. Stillness.

A drive with my brother. Straight talk about God, family, my blog, my writing, my strengths, and going deeper for a purpose bigger than myself, or even my family alone.

Quickly some things fell away.

I am not a craft blog. I don't do that with great joy. The clutter that comes with crafting is something mismatched for this season when I am desiring to simplify. And there are plenty of delightful craft blogs meeting those needs.

I am not a cooking blog. I don't do that with great joy. The recipes I try are out of a duty to my husband and family and not out of delight. The additional focus on food is something that draws attention to struggles that needn't be shared here. Besides, there are almost as many blogs devoted to yummy food as there are inspiring craft blogs.

But what does matter to me? Christ-centered family living

Blogging about authentically being fully present with my family may not result in very frequent or regular posting, but posts will come. So, if Christ-centered family living resonates with your heart, you're welcome to join us here at A Little Grace and Mercy because I will share our imperfect, but real-life journey.


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  1. I stumbled onto your blog while searching for info on the Go Big VBS. I think I've been here before though, because I vaguely remember something about your project life. Either way, there's some great stuff here -- what beautiful kids!! I've been feeling very anxious about my spiritual parenting skills lately and the fact that kids grow up so fast. Thanks for the inspiration, I'll be browsing around!!

    Lindsey @