Sunday, December 2, 2012

James | Mercy Triumphs

I have been studying James, but it's been a week of less discipline and frankly a lot of overwhelmed feelings. Not planning enough margin or white space in your life can do that. Not prioritizing quite time with the Lord can do that. The unexpected can do that. And God can do that, to walk you through some powerful redeeming moments. For me it has a been a little bit of all those things that has walked me into this place.

I have not completed this week's lessons. Actually I will be a bit more transparent and admit that I haven't even started this week's lessons. So, Lord-willing, it will be next Sunday that there will be another post on my thoughts as I interact with the book of James and Beth Moore's study Mercy Triumphs. In the meantime, I promise, the Lord is teaching me much, much that has to do with me, my children, my parenting, my choices, my priorities, and the value of housekeeping and order and meal planning and living temporarily with stacks of paper piled up around me. Perhaps it is prep work for what I will be reading next.

Delighting in the gift of Christ this season,

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