Monday, December 31, 2012

Project Life | Week Fifty-Two {That's A Wrap}

I did it! This is the final week of my first year of Project Life. Hands down, it was the best creative thing I have done all year. It's the project I am most proud of. I am totally doing it again next year.

Even though I plan on doing Project Life next year, I don't plan on posting my pages like I did this year. The one thing that might change that is if I find the habit slips because I don't have the accountability of posting and linking up each Tuesday at The Mom Creative. If that happens, then I know I need to jump back into the habit of linking up each week. It's that important to me that it happens. For me, I know that the accountability factor is a huge motivator.

Project Life has changed blogging for me. I first started blogging to document in word and pictures our home life, especially now, when the kids are young. This past year nearly everything I would have documented on my blog is neatly bound up in my Project Life scrapbook. I love that! I love that I can pull it off the shelf, look at the pictures, smile, read, laugh, and occasionally cry. And my kids, who I wanted it documented for, can look at it so easily. Love it. So I don't know how much I will feel the need to blog in the new year.

Delighting in the gift of Christ,

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