Sunday, January 6, 2013

Microwavable Purple Potato Chips

I love potato chips. I've always liked potato chips, but since marriage I have developed a deep love for chips. I blame my husband. He loves chips. It used to be he loved them more than me. He loves a bowl of ice cream and then a bowl of chips in the evening. Yep, so healthy, I know. Well, I've slipped into the chip habit a little too easily. I love me a bowl of chips (and you can tell looking at me that I haven't had much control in that area lately).

I have read that you could make chips in your microwave. You can do them on a microwave safe plate. I tried it. And they were okay. But not the same thing as a real chip that you dump out of a bag.

Well, my mother-in-law got be a TopChips kit for Christmas and I can make a bowl of chips in five minutes. Seriously. And they aren't just okay, they are delicious! Like the real thing. So I can take my organic purple potatoes, slice them up with the super sharp mandolin (included), lay them out on this microwave safe "plate" that has holes to cook cook them evenly. Three minutes later and they taste just like came straight out of a bag. So much cheaper than buying a bag of chips and SO much better for me!

I told Eric that if we made our own chips we shouldn't feel too guilty about eating them every night.

Thanks, Mom!


I just reread my post and realized it sounded like a sponsored post. It is not. I just couldn't believe how wonderful the product is and wanted to share the secret! Now if Mastrad wants to pay me to promote the TopChips kit, I'd be more than happy to accept some cash for something I would gladly say anyway!

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