Saturday, January 19, 2013

Us | Right Now

The days are very good right now. Some busy. Some quiet. A healthy balance. A healthy rhythm for our family.

What Daniel is loving:
  • Reading. He devours books. Often at night we allow him to stay up and read in his bed and he will finish whole books.
  • Legos. He still creates for hours.
  • Football. Watching Seahawks games with Daddy while eating favorite snacks at Papa and Grandma Cook's (because we don't get TV at our house).
What Daniel is being challenged by:
  • Patching. We're tapering off the patching, but only because the weak eye doesn't seem willing or able to strengthen beyond where it is at.
  • Timed math tests. There are a lot of them in second grade and they seem so important. So we practice doing addition and subtraction problems, fast, not accurate, because he is very accurate. Accuracy isn't the problem, speed is.
What Mercy is loving:
  • Friendship. She has a sweet best friend, her first. They ride on the bus together and are in class together. They both load up their backpacks with paper and colored pencils so they can create together on the bus. It delights me and does this mother's heart good to see her bond with another little girl whose temperament matches her own.
  • Art.
What Mercy is being challenged by:
  • Reading. She's reading now, but the love hasn't showed up yet. It's still a fight to sound out words and clock her daily twenty minutes. They joy hasn't come yet. Still, we diligently practice because I know the greatness of the reward yet to come.
  • Fatigue. School five days a week is still difficult for her little body. Her emotions can escape her control in the evening when sitting at the kitchen table completing her math homework.
What Gracie is loving:
  • Music. She sings and cannot be silent. She dances because there seemingly is always music in her head. This week she heard Rich Mullins' best album and I watched her react to the building of the music. And I knew this was something God had given her. It must delight Him to no end to see her give praise they way He intended.
  • Baking. Anything done with Mom in the kitchen is desirable.
What Gracie is being challenged by:
  • Feeling alone. She longs always to have someone with her. At night her cries are punctuated with, "Mommy, I WANT YOU." And my heart is torn and scared and prayerful about her alone feelings, wanting her to feel Jesus' presence, now even at age four. 
  • Controlling her emotions. We are making huge strides at managing her emotions, but still when she is tired it is so hard for her to not fall apart and want to just be held by only mommy.
What I am loving:
  • Designing for me, for fun. Working away at Project Life 2013 and loving it. I've taken time to figure out how to make some more digital embellishments and I am finding great pleasure in creating.
  • Time with my brother. The talking and the just being with him. Recognizing the blessing of family and shared history and unconditional love and a bit more understanding without the necessity of elaborate explaining or telling back-story.
  • Reading. More reading than I have done in years. The kids are older and it's just a little easier to read more than a page before being interrupted. The stack of books by my bed is huge and exciting.
What I am being challenged by:
  • Listening. For that still quiet voice and responding to THAT voice instead of the audible ones that tell me what I should be doing.
  • Memorizing. Scripture. Specifically the book of James.
I know that we are in the center of God's will for our family when I can articulate both the blessings of joy and the challenges of the moment. 


"Don't be deceived my, my dear brothers. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:16-17

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