Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day | A Little Love Inspiration

A couple of days ago at Tru Family Mid-week we heard the part of The Big God Story where God instructed Elisha to instruct Naaman (who had leprosy) to wash in the Jordan River seven times for healing (2 Kings 5). God healed Naaman physically when he listened and obeyed, but more critical was the healing that happened in Naaman's heart. Naaman declared that the God of Israel was the only true God. God cared most about the health of our hearts.

Such an appropriate part of the story to be reminded of as Valentine's Day approaches and there is so much flutter about who we love and how we show them we love them. So we have been thinking a lot about hearts in our house lately.

Earlier in the week I decided to do some very modest decorating. I made some heart chains that made a simple archway into our kitchen. I can't find the original pin, but it's so easy and I saw multiple pins with similar ideas.

  • Take three sheets of paper (I chose two shades of pink).
  • Cut the length-wise into one inch strips.
  • Fold strips in half.
  • Hold one strip in one hand. With your other hand take another strip and form a heart at the base of the first strip (see photo above). Staple.
  • Pinch at the bottom of the heart you just made, attaching another strip in the shape of a heart. Keep going until you are satisfied with the length. I stapled the bottom one in each of my chains so that all the hearts were the same shape, because it would drive me nuts if they weren't.

So easy, right!

Then last night I wanted us to talk some more about Naaham and how it relates to us. These days it's hard to get Daniel to sit still and engage with us. He moves around the living room when we try to talk about stuff as a family. He still listens, but it's really distracting to the girls. So I wanted something that we could gather around together and do with our hands, taking turns. Here's what I came up with using an old pizza box, clear tacks, and some red yarn I had from a Christmas project I never got ambitious enough to complete.

  • I prepped the project by drawing a heart shape on the back of the pizza box and evenly (well, mostly) spacing tacks around the outside.
  • We gathered around on the floor of the living room and each took turns determining where the yarn was going to go next, wrapping securely around the tack of choice, before passing on to the family member next to us. Gracie is four, Mercy is six, and Daniel is eight. All were engaged and able to do their part on their own.
  • We talked about how God cares about our hearts more than anything. We also talked about how church community can be a little bit messy and beautiful and how the people in the body of Christ are a little like the tacks; we're all inter-dependent and have a part to play.
If I did it again I would paint the pizza box first, so that I could hang it up on our wall. Gracie reminded me we could do another one or two to hang on our walls. Love that girl!


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