Saturday, March 2, 2013

Project Life | Week 6-9

I am caught up on Project Life again. I love, love, love the feeling of being caught up. I also really love sitting down and doing a chunk of weeks in one night. Love it. So works well with where our family life is right now.

I am going to link up my pages at The Mom Creative. Love all the beautiful inspiration I get from looking at everyone else's pages. If you found me from the link party... welcome! I don't usually make it through the entire list of links, but if you leave a comment I will be sure to make it by your blog and check out your pages.

Now that my February pages are done I will be shifting my attention to getting the March Kit Freebies finished up and ready for download. So look for that this next week. I've been pleased by how many seem to be downloading the kits. It encourages me carve out some creative time to design, which I love any real excuse to do.

But on to the pages I got done this week:

Week 06

Since I have been including my monthly calendar I find that I keep updating the first week of the month as I go along. I add events as they happen. I know some stuff won't get on the calendar and I am okay with that. I like how it gives me an overview of the month. I imagine that will be fun to look back on in a few years.

Week 07

I am married to the most amazing man. Blessed, I am. It'll be ten years coming up in April. One of the things I appreciate my husband is that even though he has a desk job (he's an electrical engineer) he has real life skills. Pretty much there isn't anything he can't do around the house or on our property. His work ethic is incredibly strong and he believes it's his job as a daddy to instill and grow that in our kids. This week he took Daniel out to help him extend the shoulder a bit, to make it safer for the kids getting on and off the bus. Like I said, I have a good man!

Week 08
This was Valentine's week, but you couldn't really tell looking at my pages. We don't do a lot for Valentine's Day. So much happens at school and that seems to be more than enough. Plus, this year Lent started before Valentine's Day, so we were doing more to establish some Lenten traditions. I will include more of what we've been doing for Lent on my Holy Week and Easter Week Project Life pages.

Week 09

One of my favorite people coordinated an amazing MOPS morning. It's a MOPS tradition at the group I attend to have a Spa Day every year. This year the gal who coordinated the activities went over the top! There has never been one quite so elaborate in our past and I don't imagine there will be another one quite so extravagant. And it was fun! I was one of three ladies who had a makeover. My first! Never have I done anything quite like that. I rarely wear makeup and I had never had my eyebrows waxed. So I was nervous. But my stylist was a sweet friend who I trust. She took into consideration that I am a "less is more" kind of gal and made me feel so pretty. Such a fun morning that I had to be sure to include it in Project Life.

Ali Edwards has been doing a Day in the Life for a number of years. This year she is doing it each month in conjunction with Project Life. That's more than I am going to commit to. But I imagine I will do it two or three times over the course of the year. I love having more pictures to choose from on that day and I love having pictures of things I wouldn't otherwise think to take photos of. I can't get over how much I love the top picture on this page. It's not a perfect photo, but it is our morning. This is what almost every morning looks like. Counter full. Backpacks lined up. Daniel eating cold cereal at the table, often his second or third bowl, our box of recyclable items overflowing. I just love how it captured our life, right now.

UPDATE: Got my March Freebies ready for download. See them HERE.



  1. Really fabulous pages. I love all the detail pictures. And what a fun makeover you had! Lovely!

    1. Thanks, Laura. I loved swinging by your blog and checking our your fun pages too!

  2. Great pages. Love some of your close ups and perspectives.

    1. Thanks!
      I popped over to check out your blog and left a comment.

  3. I really love your monthly calendar idea! I'm a Digi PL newbie and am so happy I found your site (on a day where I'm wearing grey and yellow as my 'colours' to work :)). Would you consider providing your calendar PSE file as a freebie or putting it up for sale? It's really great and you can actually see the writing on it which I always have problems with :)

    Thanks and congratulations on your pretty blog

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Interestingly just last evening I was thinking about whether or not anyone would be interested in my calendars (without my personal info, obviously). So I will be getting those ready for download too. Will probably do them in three month section. You might want to subscribe, so the link will arrive in your email, or check back often. I am currently working on an Easter kit, which I'll try and make available first, then the calendars.

    2. That's brilliant news Cami, very much looking forward to it. Thanks again!