Friday, March 29, 2013

Project Life | Week 10-12

Last night my dear hubby pulled a late night working on an installation of some sound equipment at a local camp and conference center. I don't sleep well until he's in bed too, so I took the opportunity to get caught up on Project Life. So here are the most recent three weeks.

One week (week 11) I was terribly sparse on photos. I took less than ten. At first I was just going to do one page, and then do three pages for the following week. But when I looked back at the week to see what was going on, I realized why I was distracted from the normal home routine of capturing our everyday life. So that ended up shaping the facing page.

I love including my calendar. I love to throw away paper and this allows me to throw away the old calendar without guilt. Odd, isn't it, the things we allow ourselves to feel guilt over.

This week was filled with awesomeness (that can't possibly be a word, but the auto spell check didn't tell me was wrong). I love how some telling photos and just a few words can bring it all back.

This was the week I already mentioned about not having many photos. Still it was a very significant week. The stories needed to be written down. Daniel had a happy-sad eye appointment (he has Duane Syndrome - you can read part of his story here and here, if you are curious). We also celebrated the first Spiritual Birthday (date she asked Jesus into her heart) of our youngest, Gracie. And finally I experienced a silly little rush when several sweet bloggers took notice of some of my digital freebies. Because I was so slim on photos I filled up the extra space with a blog update, my little creative outlet.

This week seemed to slide back into normal. Plenty of photos of everyday delights. I even caught Mercy doing her reading homework this week, unprompted... upside down. Okay, she was probably really just looking at the photos, but I think there is good even in that and it made for some fun photos.

Now that my pages are caught up I will be turning my focus on my April Freebies kit, which will be available next week.

May Easter be filled with the wonderful reminders that He is not dead, He is risen!


And I love to link up at The Mom Creative. Love all the inspiration!


  1. Awesome pages - I'm just about getting caught up, and hope to do a full yellow/grey layout for Easter week (using your cards of course - love the latest chevron collection!). Quick question: where did you get the lace doiley design - it's awesome!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment. To answer your question, the lace doily is my design. It will be apart of the April Freebie Kit that I'm planning on getting out this week. So check back, or make sure you are subscribed so that you don't miss that kit. The doily is my new favorite thing to use right now :)

  2. Love your printables. And your pages! How do you make them look like they are in document protectors - yours look so nice (and real-looking). Did you use someones' template or your own?

    Know all about eye surgeries. One of my twin sons has Marcus Gunn Syndrome. It is a mis-wiring of the chewing nerve and the blinking nerve to put it in layman's terms. His eye lid droops (but it isn't a lazy eye lid). He has had two surgeries, done the patch, and we decided no more surgeries. With age and time (he's almost 16 now) and God is good, it has improved dramatically; although he 'uses' his eye when he is mad, or pretending to be mad. And it's noticeable when he is tired.

  3. Your pages are just amazing. I love the yellow, it makes it all pop! Can't wait for your April freebie! Thanks!!

  4. I would love to know how you do the calendar! I love that idea!

  5. Love your pages especially the use of the full calendar. Can you share with me how you did that? I think that's a great idea!