Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Morning | Back to Reality

The week away was glorious. I mean that completely.

Getting away is good. Being alone with the one who has to walk through all the hard stuff with you, it's a good way to reboot. I think I was most surprised by how easy it was to just enjoy being together.

My favorite thing we did all week was hike the longest natural sand spit out to the lighthouse, and back. I loathe exercise, and until the last four months I had done very, very, very little of it. So for me to hike the more than five miles in and five miles back was a big deal. This sign was at the end of the spit, by the lighthouse. To me it was the perfect little summary of our week, though I hope I've brought a little serenity back with me to our everyday reality.

This morning we are definitely back to reality. And I am quite ready to slide into rhythm and routine. Early morning. Waking the big kids. The smell of hot breakfast. The flurry of back packs and folders and stuffed metal lunch boxes. Kisses at the bus stop. Snuggles with my youngest who stumbles out of bed grumpy unless she's cuddled patiently.

And an afternoon where I sort through pictures and journal my thoughts while they are still fresh and details sharp in my mind.

This week there will be more digital freebies, too.

May your reality this week contain at least moments of definite serenity.


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