Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Morning | The Invisible Woman

Oh how I needed this. And by this I mean so much more than running away with my very good to me man. I mean this remembering.

Remembering how God brought me to this now...
Remembering how God brought me on this journey...
Remembering how God provided a good man to live my life together with...
Remembering how God desires me...
Remembering how God calls me to desire Him...

So often life fades our ability to remember, even the most important things. Maybe that's what I love so much about scrapbooking, and even blogging. It helps me remember the stories. The moments. The thoughts and feelings. The passion of the very intense delights. And the sorrow of the very lonely seasons too. It helps me to document, to call out the blessings and lessons of our everyday life.

Sometimes I wonder if I am even close to getting it right. My everyday is made up of choices I make that create this labryinth of intended and unintended consequences. For me. For my children.

My last trip to the library I scanned the shelves to find some books to take with me to Port Townsend. Nicole Johnson's book The Invisible Woman, When Only God Sees caught my attention, for it's title and honestly for its brevity. It's written for mothers (perhaps that's why she keeps it short). I finished it this weekend. If you are a mother, it might make you cry. You might even say out loud, Me too! while the tears make the pages wet and the words blur.

The first chapter I cried. I wondered when it was that she crawled inside my mind without me knowing and wrote down my thoughts. The truth is that it stings hurts to be invisible, especially to the ones we love the most. I found I wanted to leave the book open, face down, out where my husband could see that I was reading it and wonder, Does she feel that way too? And I did. But he didn't. Apparently the book was invisible too.

I was all set for her to rescue me. But she didn't. Instead she told a story about cathedrals. And it changed everything. If you have ever suspected that you were invisible, I encourage you to read the book, three short powerful chapters.

May your week be filled with gentle reminders of the truth that, "Not a sparrow falls to the ground that God doesn't notice, So don't be afraid, aren't you worth more than the sparrow?"


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  1. Thank you! I just put it on hold at the library--looking forward to it coming in.