Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Morning Musings

Photo: Pattern Block "Pizzas" created by Gracie (age 4)

I've had a sick husband this week. He was quarantined in our bedroom, heavy blankets, multiple once-fluffy pillows, empty water glasses, plates, soup bowls, cracker crumbs, and a laptop where he watched hour after hour after hour of hulu offerings. This week was also Spring Break for my two school-aged kids. We didn't go anywhere, unless you count the walk-in clinic and the dentist. We deep cleaned the girls' room, played with pattern blocks (spread across the living room floor) while still in our pajamas (well after lunch), pulled out more toys than one would imagine possible while I was busy designing PL style journal cards, and bickered over what video they would watch. The trip to the zoo cancelled. The trip to the Seattle Art Museum postponed.

Not ideal. Not what I pinned we would do on our Stay-cation. Not the memories I hoped to photograph and slip into my Project Life album come Monday morning.

And now we return to regular life. Thank you, Jesus. Routine. Monday morning laundry and Weight Watchers weigh-in. Meal planning and cleaning out the refrigerator to remove produce that went bad before the hubs returned to greens. Making bread and scouring the stovetop that looks more like it's been neglected a month, rather than just the last week.

And a little bit of quiet snuggling on the couch with my youngest whose temperament settles down once she no longer has to compete with two siblings for everything.

Wishing you all a week of comfortable, pleasant routines and at least a few quiet contemplative moments of reflection, planning, and healthy perspective.


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