Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Morning

For me, so often Sunday evening slips into Monday morning. The kids have been tucked into bed for hours. The hubby has nodded off while watching Elementary online. My mind starts to mentally map out the upcoming week. So I kiss my snoring hubby, shut down the laptop, grab my robe, tuck my feet into my slippers and retreat into the night sounds of the kitchen. I love to listen to the rhythm of the dishwasher. I load iTunes and scroll down to Brooke Annibale. (Click the link for an amazing album, and it's free, truly.) Then I start to make my lists for the week. So many more lists for this upcoming week.

Last night I cleared my desk, to make room for the roses my dear hubby got me for our anniversary. I think it's the second time he's bought me cut flowers. They are precious to me. They have made me smile suddenly many times over the past two days. And I want the gentle smell of roses with my coffee each morning this week.

Once the lists were mostly done I started working on a Happy Anniversary Digital Freebie kit. I'm anxious to put together my Project Life pages from the week. Lord-willing the Freebie Kit will be ready to download tomorrow or Wednesday.

Enjoy your week. I plan to enjoy mine, even though it is quite full and I have one child home sick today. May it be filled with capturing memorable moments and lots and lots of light-hearted laughter.