Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project Life | Happy Anniversary Digital Freebie Kit

This little mini journal card kit was so fun to make. I adore the man I am married to. He isn't perfect, but he is truly perfect for me. This morning I was talking to my kids at the bus stop about marriage. Now my oldest Daniel is eight, and Mercy is six. Marriage is a long time away, but it is the second most important commitment I think they will ever make and they've already made their first one (asking Jesus into their heart). I told Mercy that she wasn't to get married to anyone unless he was as good to her as her daddy is to me. And I told Daniel that it was super important that when he got married that he treat his wife as well as Daddy treats me. And I mean it. But I am wandering now. I do that, back on point...

You can download the Happy Anniversary kit for free HERE. Same deal as always, please be courteous. Don't claim the designs as your own, and if you want to use for commercial use, please contact me for written permission first.

Because I've been eager to work on this past week's Project Life spread I did it first. Yes, I have three weeks to do and I started with the most recent. I don't do that. I am really quite orderly about these things, but this is what I wanted to work on. So I did. Such a rebel, I know. All you free spirit artists out there are baffled that I design at all if I live in such unnecessary boxes.

Back to the layout... The white journal card with the trio of hearts is from my new freebie kit, Happy Anniversary (see above). The chevron card comes from another freebie kit, Squares and Chevrons, download that one here. The little round label on top of that card is in the Hello Week Freebie, which yep, you can download here. And the polk-a-dot filler card is in the April Freebies kit. Download it here.

Look at my handsome man. It is so tough to get pictures of him smiling. Seriously changes his whole face. He smiles, just not for the camera. He got me roses! That's a real gift of love because he doesn't love to spend money on things that die. For the actual day we went out to dinner and then drove to our favorite donut shop (The Donut House), which is about 45 minutes away and split our favorite donut (Angel Cream Bar). So worth the $2.40 plus gas and the time!

The reference to keeping my cold feet warm comes from one of my favorite songs, I Don't Mean Any Harm, by one of my favorite bands, The Choir. I listened to The Choir a lot around the time Eric and I started dating.




  1. Happy Anniversary!! My hubby and I will celebrate 20 years in August. Ten years is an amazing milestone!! Congratulations!!

    Weren't you just totally geeked out when the digital edition of Midnight released at ACDigitals a week or so ago?? I bought it the second I found out!

  2. happy anniversary!!! so sweet :) thanks for sharing!

  3. Wishing you a happy anniversary, and thank you for sharing this. What lovely things to teach your children, they're blessed.

  4. Happy anniversary. Love this page and this freebie.

  5. Happy Anniversary!! I found these via Pintrest and will be thrilled to have them for my Project Life in August when we celebrate our special day. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely designs!!